Another Chapter (Giveaway: Pink Blush)

~This post is in collaboration with PinkBlush.~

Happy Birthday to me (2.16.18).

I had no idea where to begin this post. I have never been excited about the idea of turning 30. It sounded old. Aren’t the 20’s what everyone talks about? My 20’s meant living abroad, graduating college, meeting my husband, marrying him, having two children and traveling to Asia, Europe and the Caribbean. Jake and I moved around and made friends all over the world. We bought our first home, hosted our first major holiday and went to any concert that pleased us. We lived in a cottage on a lake because we could. We went cliff jumping, kayaking and did a couple mud runs. It was everything it should be.


But I think that’s missing the point. While those are highlights of my life no one can ever take from me, it is missing all the parts that made them highlights:

Those all-nighters during college while working part-time, taking classes and student teaching. Living in another country by myself and missing my family. Long distance relationship for nine months and lots and lots of driving to see each other. Sleepless nights from babies. The endings and beginnings of friendships and relationships. Experiencing death. The uprooting several times from churches and homes as we pursued jobs and dreams. Nights of prayer as we came up to the decisions of children, missions and ministry.


It is not that I think my 30’s will be perfect or not contain highlights. It will just be a different decade and season of my life. I’ll become the mother of middle schoolers, Jake and I will enter into a different “decade” of marriage. Topics of conversation will turn from “where do we birth this child?” to “where do I send this child to school?” We may revisit those other conversations of adoption and overseas missions and it may finally, really be time for them.

I suppose what I am getting at ultimately is that maybe I should be excited. Maybe this will be the best decade of my life. And maybe I will keep saying that about every new decade I enter 😀


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xo, bethany rose

What’s on my Baby’s Feet | Potato Feet

My sweet little girl has teeny, tiny feet.


So tiny that even with the blessing of all the clothes from friends and family, she still didn’t even fit into the shoes gifted us! The weather outside was getting oh so much colder (someone please tell me why summer has to end in Pennsylvania?!) and I knew I needed to find some warm, comfy shoes. Because, let’s face it, socks just do not stay on babies’ feet!

Well, I find a lot scrolling Instagram and someone had posted these adorable shoes on their little one. Naturally, being in the shoe dilemma I was in, I clicked and it brought me to Potato Feet.


I was instantly hooked. Not only did they have a bunch of different styles and colors of shoes, but they had warm, snug, tiny shoes that looked perfect for Hadley.

The irony about this company though is that the owner created it because her son had bigger feet before he was ready to walk and she needed something soft and comfortable that did not have a rubber sole just yet!

(So honestly, if you’re hunting around for shoes for big OR small feet, this is your place.)


We got the Dusk Booties because I was looking for a color that was neutral and could go with pretty much any outfit (however, I was totally eyeing  the Minted Lace ones because they’re so pretty!). The booties are such a good style for smaller babies because they are soft like slippers and completely comfortable for the baby.


Also, bonus, I am not saying any shoe is “fool proof” in the falling off department, but these are pretty darn close. They fit well around her ankles with a stretchy elastic band on the top of her foot making them super easy to pull on, but then snug enough to keep on as well!

These shoes are a total winner in my book and I am so happy to have stumbled across them! Be sure to check them out and use code WELCOME to get 15% off your first order!

xo, bethany rose

Fall or Summer? [Fashion Friday for the ‘normal’ family]

Hey Guys! OK, I am starting ANOTHER series, but this time on fashion. I know, since when did I get that interested in fashion? I don’t think it is that I am THAT into fashion, it is just I need to clothe my kids AND me AND make sure the husband doesn’t wear the same T-shirt three days in a row. So by default, I care a little bit about fashion. But this is FASHION for the AVERAGE/NORMAL/WE-DON’T-CARE-ABOUT-BRAND-NAMES family. I just shop at normal places. Old Navy. Target. Online stores. Thrift stores.

So this series is to keep you updated with sales, specific items you need in your wardrobe at easy to drive to (or click to) places, and how to make it through the year in some kind of style.

Today’s focus is….having a wardrobe for transitioning seasons!

Fashion Friday {For the normal family]-transitional pieces

Here in PA we are going from cool fall days to summer days still in between. In fact, yesterday I went to the largest consignment sale here (happens 2 times a year) and bought a bunch of wintery items for our kiddos. Uh, $2 plaid long sleeves? Yes, please! That’ll be my wannabe lumberjack son over there.

~  ~  ~

For my Mama Tribe:

I am loving this piece from Pink Blush. Its lightweight bamboo material makes it a great transition piece. I paired it with leggings and a scarf the other night and we went to the museum. It’s also the type of piece that I feel makes you look cute running around town but when you get home–it is so comfortable–it makes you just want to stay in it and snuggle up by the fireside. [shop my look here]

IMG_6145 (2)

IMG_6201 (3)

For the Littles:

Emmett: One of our favorite pieces so far is a plaid hoodie (link is similar to his) from Carter’s. I find that Carter’s can have great essentials for kids, i.e. hoodies and pants. Emmett’s been rocking this hoodie and it’s great because he can wear it as a light jacket or as his actual shirt right now. It has some great fall colors in it too 🙂

Hadley: She is still fitting into 0-3 which means we have mainly summer clothes for her. I’ve been pairing onesies though with lighter stretchy pants. They’re not too hot and can be paired with any kind of top or dress which I love. (Her romper is from Old Navy but I don’t think it is sold anymore. Similar ones can be found here or here.) Also, drool is totally in style.


For the Husband Squad:

My husband wore a long sleeve shirt the other week because the temperature dropped so much! If you know him, this is a big deal as he lives in T-shirts. Old Navy thermals are great and that’s one of my husband’s ‘go-to’ shirts when cooler temps hit.

old navy thermal

So there you have it! Style for the NORMAL family.

What’s in your wardrobe this September?

xo, bethany rose