Baby Book: Text Message Baby Journal with Qeepsake

~This post is in collaboration with Qeepsake.~

I had the very best intentions when my son was born to keep a baby book. I ended up with two even! I wanted to remember his first tooth, first word, first smile and all the other sweet moments. But somewhere between going from 1 to 2 kids, I unintentionally gave it up. So imagine my excitement when I found a virtual baby book that let me keep track of BOTH my kids’ memories and “firsts” via text message (or facebook messenger).

I present to you Qeepsake!

qeepsake review: text message baby journal baby book by

Qeepsake is a text message baby journal and is as easy as it sounds.  Every day I receive journal prompts for both of my children over text message and answer directly back. These questions vary from “What did Hadley do today?” to “What do you think Emmett will be when he grows up?” and “What is the Hadley’s birth story?” There are questions I never would have even though to record which I love. Qeepsake then saves all of these entries for me and compiles them individually for each child.

There are a bunch of different plans to check out. They vary with the amount of questions allotted per day, adding photos and having the option to go back to missed questions just to name some.  I have the Premium plan and so I can get up to 4 questions a day, 2 for each child and can send in a bunch of photos. One of the coolest features I just learned about is you can text Qeepsake FIRST if a funny or monumental thing happens that day. Qeepsake will record it for you with the date it happens.

qeepsake review: text message baby journal baby book by

You also get to pick what time of day you want your question(s) to come too which helps if you know what time of day you are typically free and will have time to send the text back. I have mine set for 8 pm because it is right when the kids are down and Jake and I are usually together. It only takes me a minute or two to answer.

The best part!? You actually can still end up with the baby book if you choose to do so. Yes, you have the option to have all of these memories printed into a book that Qeepsake does for you. The books start at only $19.99 too!


So really, if you have not been playing keep up like you hoped, I would really recommend this service. I found it over Christmas and just internally squealed with delight at this idea. How perfect for us modern moms? 😉

xo, bethany rose

Long Days, Short Years, you say. Trust me I know. But it is still hard.

Long Days, Short Years, I know this. Trust me I know. But it is still hard.

I started a series of motherhood essays last year called My [raw] Motherhood Essays. However, in an attempt to keep them easy to identify, I am giving this one a name. Today I share with you the third installment.

long days short years the hard years of motherhood from waves and lilacs
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It happened pretty quickly stepping into my entry level of motherhood. I read or was told, “These are the days” or “Enjoy it right now while they’re young” or “Oh, it feels like yesterday.” Parents reminiscent of the years that felts like only days earlier to them. Their best intentions of sharing their hearts became the best intentions of my mama heart.

Enjoying these moments and years no matter how long the days….because the years are short.

So when you enter my home and the living room is rearranged,  half the contents of the playroom are displayed on my kitchen floor, my toddler is covered in jelly from breakfast number three and my eight month old baby is eating half of a dead stink bug (this really just happened last week), know that while I accept with a grateful spirit your words and genuinely love hearing them, this time is really, really hard sometimes too.

I know your words are true. Trust me I do. But this time of my life is still hard. I catch myself counting down the hours to nap time and then until my husband is home. I find myself scrolling through a list of friends and whether they are available this week to spend time with to make the mornings go by a little faster. I  have found myself yelling at my son because my patience is waning (or well, it’s probably gone at that point–let’s face it) and trying to wear my kids out so they’ll sleep longer during nap time.

solly wrap long days short years the hard years of motherhood from waves and lilacs


But I also catch myself trying really hard to sit down and play with my kids. To laugh and smile and watch when my son calls out “Watch this!” and does some strange movement he deems amazing and wonderful. I try to wake up ahead of my kids (occasionally because people keep changing my clocks every spring and fall) and read my Bible and pray for patience to enjoy my day with them. I try to come up with fun activities and be okay with a mess on my floor. I try to make the snuggles last as long as possible because I know….I know one day my son will be bigger than me and I just might not be cool enough for my daughter for a couple of those teenage years.

So while I’m in this stage of messy motherhood, you can remind me that these are the magical years. I may also remind you in turn though that these are challenging days too.

However, I think we can both agree that we wouldn’t trade the years we are in for anything else. Because each year and stage has something new and glorious and frustrating in it. The emotions of motherhood are always there but displayed differently. As I cry at the thought of my son entering Kindergarten, you cry as your daughter walks down the aisle.  As I wish for sleep, you hope for a phone call and while I nurse my baby for the fourth time today, you share laughs over dinner with adult children.

I want to look forward to the future too. So tell me the good things that are coming my way and I’ll share with you the funny tales my toddler told me. And we can each remind one other of the hope of the future and the beautiful mess from memories of the past.

xo, bethany rose

Hadley Rose: month eight

Despite this post being much closer to nine months. I can assure you the pictures were taken closer to eight months. And that’s the part that counts the most, right!?

hadley rose turns 8 months old and was not gaining weight

Month eight was a tough month for us. Jake and I decided to bring Hadley in for  weight check, because despite her seeming fine and acting like a normal baby, she did not appear to be growing.  At the weight check we found out Hadley had lost 1.5 lbs and was completely off the charts. We were sent home with instructions to begin feeding her solid foods like crazy and supplement with breast milk (along with weekly weight checks). I guess at some point my milk production dropped and I did not know. I had a hunch about this but then would read things that contradicted it.

Of course, I felt awful and everyone rallied around us telling me not to feel guilty. Hadley devoured solid food from that day on and a week later had put on seven or so ounces. The following week another 4. The nurse and doctor were pleased and said we did not need to come in for weight checks anymore.

Hadley became a happier and easier baby. She didn’t hold a grudge 😉 I am not sure if she is back on the charts yet, but I can assure you she eats a ton each day.

Ok, ok, ok! Enough of that.

hadley rose turns 8 months old and was not gaining weight

Some Hadley Stats

weight: She was 12.8 or 12.9 at the last weight check

height: Not sure!

diapers: size 2

clothing: 3-6

hadley rose turns 8 months old and was not gaining weight

What Hadley is up to:

-Scooting. She can scoot herself backwards but still prefers to just sit and play.

Obsessions. Totally obsessed with Emmett and our dog.

-Pulling hair. She loves to pull hair and thinks it is hysterical.

-Walks. She loves going on walks outside and being outside.

Eats. bananas, avocados and sweet potatoes on the regular

Naps. She is down to 2 naps a day but goes down super easily 95% of the time. It is SUCH a blessing.

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xo, bethany rose