Inside Our Home: brother/sister bedroom ft. UrbanWalls

Having a gender neutral yet boy and girl friendly room was easier than I thought. The blue and pink goes together so well and I can put boy and girl toys and photos in there and it all look cohesive.  These decals are great for a gender neutral bedroom or nursery

Urban Walls Decals Gender Neutral Kids (brother sister) room or nursery from Bethany gender neutral bedroom or nursery

Before Hadley was born Jake and I had decided that whether we ended up with two boys or one of each, they would share a room no matter what. We had just bought a three bedroom house and really wanted to keep the third room open for company (we have enough!) and an office.

Urban Walls Decals Gender Neutral Kids room or nursery from Bethany

After Hadley’s arrival I started to envision how I wanted their room to look. It was a little tricky because so many rooms are girl or boy focused or just extremely gender neutral. I started toying around with the modern black and white room. I loved the look of it and felt it worked for either gender and could incorporate specific boy and girl things. But we eventually nixed that idea because neither of us wanted to commit to only having black and white items. And let’s face it, I love color.

So one day, I was probably scrolling instagram, when I came across UrbanWalls. I was in love instantly. The decals and creativity that flowed from that site made me want to jump up and finish their room right then and there. The initial decals to really draw me in were the ones I ended up going with: Watercolor polka dots. I am a sucker for polka dots and water colors , put them together, and I was sold.

This is just perfect for a gender neutral bedroom or nursery!

Urban Walls Decals Gender Neutral Kids room or nursery from Bethany

We decided to go with the blue and coral ones and thus the “watercolor room” was birthed. We chose to make the coral and blue dots merge together so that the room was not divided by a “girl” side and a “boy” side. I want it to be their room and no dividing line of sides. (PSA: They now have LILAC watercolor polka dots. It’s probably a good thing these weren’t available when I was looking or I never would have been able to decide!)

Urban Walls Decals Gender Neutral Kids room or nursery from Bethany

We finally finished everything over the weekend with the exception of a couple more frames on the walls. We might eventually add some shelves as well but for now, it is done. I.LOVE.IT. I am so happy with how this turned out. We still left a little bit of “travel theme” in the nursery since there were some things from Emmett’s old nursery that just worked and I still love.  I think by default more of the room has a blue feel to it. By default I mean, Emmett “had” the room first so there was more boy things going on in there and I just naturally love and am drawn to it. However, I don’t think Hadley will know or care for another year or two 😉


wall decals: UrbanWalls watercolor polka dots in coral and blue

twin sheets: Finding Dory twin sheet set

crib sheets: Feather print by LifeTree

crib (similar style): Storkcraft Pacific 4-in-1 Convertible Crib

homemade blanket: crocheted waves blanket by CCJknitandcrochet

paper flowers (made by a close friend but you can check out the pattern) : World Map paper flowers pattern

xo, bethany rose

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  1. Finding a balance with a shared bedroom can definitely be tricky! I have one of each as well and for the longest time, I didn’t really do anything to it because I just didn’t know what to do. It’s slowly coming together, but I have a feeling that by the time it does, I’ll have another baby and it will be time to move my oldest to her new room and the process will start all over again!

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