Creating Childhood Memories with Off the Hook

Creating Childhood Memories with Off the Hook

(This post is in sponsorship with the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation and Take Me Fishing  [a national non-profit dedicated to increasing participation in boating and fishing].  All opinions are completely my own. You can learn more on my Privacy + Disclosure page.) Creating Childhood Memories with Off the Hook. 

Creating Childhood Memories with Off the Hook

Creating Childhood Memories with Off the Hook

This past weekend we designated as a family one. Everyone is talking about summer ending but the forecast was 80s and sunshine–perfect for being outside. After being invited to Off the Hook, a pop-up fishing experience, it was a unanimous yes in our home for how the weekend should go.  Off the Hook travels around the country setting up shop next to bodies of water and teaching families how to fish!

I grew up in New Jersey and my dad was always taking us fishing or crabbing. It was a huge part of my childhood and I learned at a young age not to be grossed out by worms. We spent so many summers in a boat in upstate New York and would catch lots of sunnies and perch.

However, after getting married and moving into the city, Jake and I never went fishing together or with the kids. Emmett was really excited to try fishing though and I was anxious to get him started young as well.

Creating Childhood Memories with Off the Hook


Off the Hook

So what is Off the Hook? It is a FREE family fishing experience that travels across the country bringing fishing accessible to families all over. It helps people see just how easy it is to fish together. Presented through Take Me Fishing, it allows families to #GETYOURFISHON and have fun by the water!

A (Traveling) Family Pop-up Experience

We arrived at South Shore Riverfront Park in Pittsburgh early afternoon and were greeted by the friendly workers at the pop-up “tackle shop.” They immediately got us registered and the kids had fun playing with the huge bait display on the side of the shop. Afterwards we walked down to the river where the kids got set up with fishing poles, bait and life jackets. The workers showed them how to bait and cast a fishing line, something neither of my kids had ever seen done before.

Emmett sat or stood by the river the entire time and was completely focused on his bobber. As many times as we told him to just let the bobber sit to catch a fish, he didn’t care. He just kept reeling it in. It was humorous and we were both just glad he was enjoying his day.  Needless to say, we didn’t catch anything! Jake did not grow up fishing, so it was a nice bonding time for them to make memories over.

We’re Here for the Snacks and Photos, Too!

Hadley on the other hand was much more enthralled with the plethora of snacks inside the pop-up shop. So while the guys fished for a bit, Hadley and I headed over for some of the free snacks. They had the cutest themed snacks for all the kids to take home: goldfish, Swedish fish and gummy worms!

There were several photo opp areas Instagrammable backdrops! Can you tell which one was our favorite!?

I was really impressed with the fact the entire event was FREE and how important getting families outside is to the organization. It is so important to instill a love for nature and the outdoors in our kids. That is why Jake and I always try to find things to do outside with the kids. Some days it is a walk or hike outside and maybe now it will be fishing, too!


Do you fish? Have you taken your kids fishing yet? For more information on how you can get your family fishing and on the water, visit

Take Me Fishing with Off the Hook





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  1. How fun for your family! I’m glad they asked you to blog about it. You were the perfect choice. Very well done and as always, your children are adorable!

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