Emmett’s ONEderland Birthday Parties

It literally just dawned on me that I never shared Emmett’s birthday parties here on the blog. So much work went into those parties as well as DIY’s I think you guys will enjoy.  (At the very end of this post I’ve listed all the places where we found the decor as well as throughout the post.You can also check out my pinterest board here!)

Here’s the back story:

A couple months before Emmett turned one, Jake signed up to run a Spartan race in NJ the day before Emmett’s birthday. I decided this would be good and we’d just celebrate on his actual birthday in NJ since most of my family lives there. Cue party #1.

After much though though, I decided that Emmett’s entire life has been here in PA and that there are a lot of people (including some of my best friends) that I would want to help celebrate his birthday too. I also can’t seem to throw parties too small and thus began a guest list of about 50 people. Cue party # 2.

The theme was the easy part. I remember hearing moms talking about their child’s birthday theme the month after they were born. Any time it was brought up, I couldn’t come up with anything and honestly did not press it. He was 4 weeks old for crying out loud!

And then one day in the winter, it hit me. Emmett has this little stuffed fox that he can’t go anywhere without. His name is Farley the Forest Friend. There it was: Woodland ONEderland. Pinterest had a couple ideas to help me get started.

For the food and dessert, we decided on cupcakes instead of cake and my sister and mom painstakingly helped me in NJ and then my two friends in PA helped with the other. We did campfires, hedgehogs, and mushrooms for the cupcakes. Jake, my handy dandy husand, made the cupcake stand out of wood from our backyard. How awesome is it?!

The centerpieces were simple with flowers and stuffed woodland animals.

As for the food we made “S’more mix” (golden grahams, chocolate chips and mini marshmallows), sugar cookies shaped like woodland creatures and drinks titled “Morning Dew” and “Berry Juice.” For the main entree we did sausage “sticks” and meatballs “moose poop” (I couldn’t resist). The birch tree straws I ordered special on Etsy and filled in the gaps with ones from Target.

 Emmett’s smash cake was a gluten free (poor kiddo) and he had fun licking the frosting. I got my cake smash pan from another mom on a FSOT page. She gave it to me for free!

The decor I made mostly. I shopped at Michael’s and JoAnn’s for most of my stuff and then found free printables online.

The colorful banners were created from a flipbook of card stock and the little animals came from the free printables, the pinecones from the side of the road and fake moss from JoAnn’s. My mom also had a bunch of woodsy items in her house that she let me decorate with for the party.  I also printed out all of Emmett’s monthly pictures and hung them up with clothespins.

Emmett’s invitation (the last picture) was really simple. I did not go all out or anything. I copied and pasted pictures onto a website and just printed it out. It was completely free. If I had card stock, I am sure they would’ve came out better, but I wasn’t super into the invitation oddly enough.

 Emmett’s hat and onesie were made by my mom. The fabric is from JoAnn’s and I just thought it was the cutest! She used it to wrap a party hat and sew the “1” onto the white onesie we got at One Upon a Child for $1! Can’t beat that!

Crazy to think I am already half way toward the next birthday!

Quick Links:

Moss: Joann Fabric

Banners: Printable paper from We Lived Happily Ever After and cardstock from Michael’s, and brown bunting from Target (probably!)

Hat and Onesie: DIY, Fabric from Joann Fabric

Cakestand: DIY by Jake

Straws: Etsy

Invitations: DIY on the computer

Chalkboard ONE-derland sign: DIY by Jake

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