And Baby #2 is Coming!

There has been quite the silence on this blog lately and now you know the reason! Baby #2 is arriving in June!!! This pregnancy has been very similar and different all at the same time. I have been more tired this time around and have done little of nothing over the last several weeks. I was happy there was a crockpot dinner and my kiddo was still alive by the time Jake got home. Jake’s job has been slow lately too, so that means he’s been home a bit more and able to help me out a lot 🙂

I barely had any nausea again the first trimester, just like my pregnancy with Emmett. I do NOT take this lightly and feel immensely blessed by it. My hunger has been less intense this time as well as my weight gain (hallelujah!) and I have been able to keep up with exercising somewhat. The holidays definitely took a toll on that one along with my tiredness, but I have managed to go to the YMCA at least once a week and then attempted a second visit or something at home.

At about 13 weeks though my energy came busting back and I would say in full force after 14 weeks. Waking up and actually being motivated to get things done as been a welcomed feeling!

At 15 weeks I am still in regular clothes but I am thinking maternity clothes are on my horizon in the next week or two. The ponytail trick is helping currently as well as leggings 😉

We are going through The Midwife Center again which I am stoked about. This spring they will be the largest free standing birth center in the country!! On the sad side though, the midwife who delivered and we loveeeed moved on to another job right before we found out we were pregnant. (you can read about Emmett’s birth and our midwife here.)

I’ll be checking back with more regular updates and a fun story on how we found out we were pregnancy with this one <3


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