Hello 2017.

Did you know that Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary actually defines each year? I had no clue about this until it was shared on Sunday at church. Apparently 2016’s word was “surreal.”

If I were to actually label our last year as a growing family of almost 4, a couple words come to mind: change, ordinary, + opportunity.


We started off the year with Emmett, instead of anticipating him, were able to travel a bit (something we always talk about and make a priority), attempted to make family traditions, found out we are expecting the fourth member of our family(!!!), and began a healthier lifestyle of steady-ish workouts and more organic food.


We switched churches, something we prayed about for some time, took a course together as husband and wife about missions and also decided to stay in the states longer as we raise our family.

(If you have followed our story at all, you know that Jake and I took Emmett to Asia over a year ago and felt like God was calling us to work with the Chinese. Well let me tell you, the international ministry found us here in western PA big time. I hope to write an exciting post about that at sometime in the near future here.)


Jake and I went away alone for the first time since Emmett had been born this summer and explored Italy and Switzerland. I cried at the beginning but got over it and skyped Emmett all week long. How did he do? Oh, he was fine! He had his grandmothers doting on him and playing in his pool all week.


We decided to buy a house and are currently still looking for it. Jake built me three raised garden beds so I  could further our vegetable count this summer. I joined the YMCA and learned to spin my butt off pregnant and not pregnant.

We spent time with family at the beach in New Jersey as alone as our little family in Florida. We celebrated our FIVE year anniversary on a surprise treasure hunt created by my wonderful husband.


The beginning part of the year was spent trying to figure out why Emmett was not growing or walking. We celebrated his first steps on August 23rd and some days I even begin to forget the amazing journey we went on with him this year. Praise God for his health and mobility.


If this last year was not spectacular or held lots of heartache for you, my prayer is that this year will be one step forward and better for you. I pray you become pregnant with that baby, write the book of your dreams or restore that relationship in your family. God knows.

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