20 Weeks and Blackberry Pancakes

If there is anything cliche that is actually true that people have told me about the second pregnancy is that it flies. Here we are at 20 weeks to the date. It has passed incredibly quickly but somehow JUNE sounds a 100 miles away right now. I mean, especially as I sit here in 22 degree weather in early February!

Yesterday (mind you, I began this post on Friday), we had our anatomy scan. The baby kicked and held his/her hands up and squirmed quite a bit. Emmett lasted the entire time sitting on Jake’s lap mostly. The tech was very impressed with him. As was I 😉

[The view outside the ultrasound office. Unfortunately, what you can’t see it, is crazy snow outside. It was awesome!]

The ultrasound confirmed a healthy baby (seriously, what a thing to be thankful for and not to take for granted!), and an anterior placenta and a baby measuring the smaller side of average. I had been wondering about the last two because I was not showing as much as I had with Emmett and I was not feeling the baby kick as much either. It was a little worrisome especially last week when I felt as if I hadn’t felt the baby in a day or two. Turns out an anterior placenta will do that. I usually only feel the baby while I am lying down now. It has been happening more frequently today though and is so sweet.

As per tradition, we headed to Denny’s for some brunch. I feel like Denny’s gets such a bad rep but we love it. Check out my Blackberry Buttermilk Pancakes with Flaxseed Meal topping. OK, now I just sound like an advertisement. But so much food for a small price, you guys!

I had pretty bad insomnia the night before (it has happened a couple of times this pregnancy) and Jake was still getting over a stomach bug, so the three of us all crashed for a two hour nap when we got home afterwards. It felt so good 🙂

At 20 weeks I am feeling good! Starting to feel a little pregnant lately. I kept feeling as though I had to tell people something negative when I was asked how I was feeling. But instead I’ve just started saying, “I am riding the second trimester high!”

I wear leggings or maternity pants all the time and still am not really into maternity shirts. Some of the ones I have are just too stretched out and I had a bunch of flowy shirts already that I have been wearing. I think I will wear the smaller maternity shirts here soon though. I did pull one out Saturday!

[20 weeks + 3 days]

Nothing really new has been going on. I am still attempting my spinning classes 2x a week, I’ve just needed to slow my pace down a bit. I am still getting in prenatal yoga weekly too! We were on a bit of a poor eating streak for a week and this week I packed the veggies and fruits back into my cart at the grocery store! I’ll be sharing this week’s menu tomorrow!

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