Finding Out About Baby #2

[ Disclosure: this post has plenty of talk about periods, pregnancy and pee sticks >.< ]

Finding out we were pregnant with this little nugget did not come as much of a surprise as last time. However, where we were when we found out was one. Typically you get to pee on the stick at home and either run to your husband or plan a cute reveal for him later on.

This did not happen for us.

Instead, we were in Ohio visiting friends while Jake was traveling back and forth to Michigan because he was in a wedding. I remember waking up Friday morning, while Jake was still in Michigan, with cramps and thinking, Either my period is here or cramping is the initial indicator to  being pregnant like it had been with Emmett. As the day progressed and there was no sign of my period I called to let Jake know. I did not let our friends know what was going on though because I honestly wanted this time around to be a secret for as long as possible.

[the day after finding out we had a little picnic in the park and some playground time!]

Saturday rolled around and Jake was back but my period was still not. The wedding was that day. We got ready to go and decided to stop at the store for a pregnancy test along the way. It felt weird for it to just be the two of us since our friends were watching Emmett and to be talking about our potential second child.

After getting back in the car we had to decide where to take the test. Two hour road trip. Think. Where do you go? The welcome center rest stop in Michigan, of course! So there I was, peeing on a stick in a rest stop restroom. We had decided that we would find out together, so I was careful to not look at the results and tried to neatly pack it in my purse so it was still lying up like the directions say to!

[grainy cell picture….but just a few hours after finding out…Jake was one of the groomsmen]

Once in the car we opened the purse and saw the “pregnant” sign together. It was special because with Emmett we both found out at exactly the same time together as well (just at home!). I think I teared up a little and Jake was just super pumped. The rest of the way we drove in a little bit of shock and happiness already talking about baby names. I also may have indulged in a delicious, greasy cheeseburger from Five Guys.

It definitely took a little while for me to remember that I was pregnant. I guess it was so surreal and I didn’t really have any symptoms right away. Plus with already having a child, I am always so distracted with taking care of him!

We ended up telling our families a week later because we were going to New Jersey to see mine and there was no way I’d be able to keep a secret like that all weekend!

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