4 Ways to Help Your Child Get Better (without heading to the drugstore)

This week the cold monster headed to our home and hit Emmett on Tuesday. He got a pretty throaty cough for two days, followed by throwing up his breakfast and then cue the green snot and sneezing.  Of course he is feeling better today and now I can feel it sneaking up on me!


Our sunny, summer, warm weather turned somewhat bleak this week and we had rain and even a tornado warning! (I’m thinking the weather might have something to do with us getting sick.) The day of the tornado watch we had rain come down in sheets. Our new yard is full of trees and I was concerned one of them was going to blow over. Now I know I did not overreact because that night after the storm I noticed that a tree had ripped in half and fallen on a neighbor’s house! It is currently still sitting on their house four days later!

OK, back on track.

I felt pretty bad for Emmett. We watched TV. We baked (only for our family). We snuggled. We took naps. We stayed home. We caught some pretty bad cabin fever while we were at it. It was so sad to hear this big cough out of a little body and he hated getting his nose wiped (I may or may not have given up at one point).

So I ran to our closet and pulled out my “go-to’s” for sickness in our family. Please note, this post it not to say that we never use drugstore remedies or Tylenol. I simply choose to use other things first usually in hopes that they will help alleviate discomfort and aid in the healing process of our bodies. If something were to stick around for a while, I would have no problem bringing Emmett to the doctor. Thankfully, this has not happened yet but I anticipate it will eventually!

4 Ways to Help Your Child get Better without going to the drugstore

1. Elderberry Syrup. I cannot stress my love for this enough. It is probably one of the only perks of being sick because this stuff tastes SO good and is SO beneficial for you. I will not drone on and on about its benefits, but if you are curious, please feel free to check them out here.  I buy mine at GNC but I know people will make this in bulk as well and you can order the berries on amazon.

2. Hyland’s  Cold ‘n Cough Day and Night. I feel like this is the more homeopathic form of Dayquil and Nyquil but can be used on younger kids. Emmett does not mind the taste of this either and actually asks for it.  Again, I bought mine at GNC but you can also get it at Target .

3. Vitamin C spray. If you look at the ingredient list on this particular spray  you will find a long list of organic fruits, vegetables and herbs. I give Emmett just one spray at a time and he also likes the taste of this. We use it as adults too, but just give ourselves a higher dose of sprays.

4. Essential Oils. OK, you had to know it was coming! This is one of my favorite parts though. For your reference, I have become a recent lover of the brand Plant Therapy Essential Oils. I did my research and can’t say enough wonderful things about this company. From the quality, purity and price to the synergies and kid friendly line, I just love it! I recently bought a 3 pack of oils from their kid friendly line and used that this week. I diffused Immune Boom in Emmett’s room, rubbed it on his back with coconut oil (don’t forget your carrier oil, please!!) and placed a couple drops in his baths too. I also diffused Sniffle Stopper and mixed a couple drops with coconut oil to rub under his nose to help him breathe easier. I also diffused some lavender and lemon together when he just had the cough initially.

4 Ways to Help Your Child get Better without going to the drugstore

I am happy to say today (Friday) that he is definitely on the mend. His cough is practically gone, his nose is not running nearly as much and we went on a nice long walk together today.

What are you go-to remedies? I’d love to hear what you use!

xo, bethany rose

14 Comments on “4 Ways to Help Your Child Get Better (without heading to the drugstore)”

  1. Growing up we pretty much never went to the doctor…we loved using homeopathic remedies in “sugar pill” form haha. I’m just now getting into essential oils. What kind of diffuser would you recommend? I don’t want to spend a ton of money on it.

    1. Sorry, not Bethany obviously, but I wanted to share my experinces with buying diffusers. I spent quite a bit of money on one, and it’s great…then I spent hardly anything on a 2nd one…and it tok is great!! I found my 2nd one on Groupon for $10, and we really love it. I think we even use it more than the $50 one. Also, I should note, we were able to use the less expensive one as it is smaller than some and so we use it in a smaller space than a huge main floor. Just wanted to share and I hope you find one that you love!!

    2. We bought our one and only diffuser two years ago and it still works great! We bought the “NOW Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser” after researching the best ones while still paying attention to our budget. You can get it on amazon! I hope that helps!

  2. I need to try these. This past fall and winter were rough on my little guy and I never know how to help him feel better. I really need to try essential oils sometime!

    1. I’m sorry you guys had a rough cold weather season! Hopefully the spring and summer give you a nice break. Let me know if you ever have questions with essential oils 🙂

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