4 Ways to Help Your Child get Better Naturally

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Edit: This post was updated on 1/13/19.

It’s winter and we’re all crying inside a little as either a) our kiddos are sick, or b) we are trying to keep them away from other sick children while maintaining our sanity of still being able to see other human beings. Oh wait, that’s the stay-at-home mom in me coming out ūüėČ Some winters are worse than others for us. This year is proving to be one where we keep mildly catching sicknesses which is still not fun. I try my best to use natural remedies. This is not to say I won’t ever take other things, but normally what I am about to share with you works. So here are 4 ways to help your child get better naturally this winter season!

four ways to help your child or baby get better naturally

Natural Remedies 

1. Elderberry Syrup. I cannot stress my love for elderberry syrup enough. The benefits in general are incredible but is so important to take for sickness. It helps with flus,colds, sinus infections and can even help prevent cancer!  Also, it tastes delicious and my kids basically beg me for it. Over the years I have bought the syrup (I like this brand) but this year I started making my own when I found this DIY Elderberry Syrup Kit online. It was really easy. Just add your own local raw honey (or maple syrup if giving to a child under the age one 1). It smells and tastes amazing.
2. Maty’s Products.¬†Maty’s is a new company I learned about recently. They have cough syrups and chest rubs that can be used for even young babies (just check which one you are ordering). They use organic, natural ingredients and includes 10 IMMUNE BOOSTERS (zinc, ginger, ACV, etc). You can find them in your local stores on on amazon¬†and are just a great way to help your child get better naturally.
3. Vitamin C spray. If you look at the ingredient list on this particular spray  you will find a long list of organic fruits, vegetables and herbs. I give my kids just one spray at a time and they also likes the taste of this. We use it as adults too, but just give ourselves a higher dose of sprays.
4. Essential Oils. I almost solely use the brand¬†Plant Therapy Essential Oils¬†and I am not paid to say that at all. I just did my research and can’t say enough wonderful things about this company. From the quality, purity and price to the synergies and kid friendly line, I just love it! I have lots of different oils from their kid-friendly line and¬†use them on Emmett. I will diffuse around Hadley, but their roll-ons are not meant for kids under the age of 2.¬† Some nights I will diffuse¬†Immune Boom¬†and Sniffle Stopper¬†in their room but I’ve also rubbed Immune Boom onto Emmett’s back (with a carrier oil, of course)¬† and placed a couple drops in his baths, too. In the past I have mixed a couple drops of Sniffle Stopper with coconut oil to rub under Emmett’s nose to help him breathe easier and diffused some¬†lavender and lemon together when he had a cough.

To End

My list has not changed much over the years. What I am sharing are tried and true 4 natural ways to help your child get better naturally. We thankfully have not gotten to the point of needing antibiotics or gotten terrible sicknesses. I don’t say this to brag. I just say this to share what a blessing these natural remedies have been to our family.

What are you go-to remedies? I’d love to hear what you use!

xo, bethany rose

14 Comments on “4 Ways to Help Your Child get Better Naturally”

  1. Growing up we pretty much never went to the doctor…we loved using homeopathic remedies in “sugar pill” form haha. I’m just now getting into essential oils. What kind of diffuser would you recommend? I don’t want to spend a ton of money on it.

    1. Sorry, not Bethany obviously, but I wanted to share my experinces with buying diffusers. I spent quite a bit of money on one, and it’s great…then I spent hardly anything on a 2nd one…and it tok is great!! I found my 2nd one on Groupon for $10, and we really love it. I think we even use it more than the $50 one. Also, I should note, we were able to use the less expensive one as it is smaller than some and so we use it in a smaller space than a huge main floor. Just wanted to share and I hope you find one that you love!!

    2. We bought our one and only diffuser two years ago and it still works great! We bought the “NOW Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser” after researching the best ones while still paying attention to our budget. You can get it on amazon! I hope that helps!

  2. I need to try these. This past fall and winter were rough on my little guy and I never know how to help him feel better. I really need to try essential oils sometime!

    1. I’m sorry you guys had a rough cold weather season! Hopefully the spring and summer give you a nice break. Let me know if you ever have questions with essential oils ūüôā

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