31 Weeks with Baby 2

xo, bethany roseI wanted a cool nick name for this baby. With Emmett he was called “Baby E.” Even though we did not know he was a boy, both of our names (boy and girl) started with an E, so it just worked. This time that has not happened. In fact, it was not until last month that we finally came up with a boy’s name.


So yes, we do have names picked out, but I won’t say they are set 100%, but I think they are!?

Settling into our new home has not happened as quickly as I would like. Jake is in the middle of transitioning jobs which is taking up extra time and I don’t have a ton of motivation. If I do, I get tired faster than normal. Don’t get me wrong, we have a lot unpacked and are living quite comfortably! There are just still boxes in the office, curtains not up and things I am not sure where to find >.< I am just so thankful we moved when we did and were able to find a house over the winter. I can’t imagine moving closer to my due date!!

This pregnancy is definitely different and better than mine with Emmett. During my pregnancy with Emmett, I thought it was good (and by all definitions itΒ was) but this one is just plain easier. Between exercising, eating better, less weight gain, better sleep and more months in the warm weather, I can see a difference. However, I also cannot wait for June to hurry on up πŸ˜€

We have not done a ton of prep for this baby yet. The baby does have his/her own dresser thanks to a FSOT page (free IKEA one too!), new wraps and swaddles…..and that might be it! There are a couple more items we need and want, so we’ll see what happens. We saved everything after Emmett though knowing we planned to have more children.

Here is my bump-date! I feel like I look so big in this picture and I am totally going to blame the shirt!!! :-p

IMG_3034[31w + 2d]

xo, bethany rose

One thought on “31 Weeks with Baby 2

  1. Bethany Rose, we are just so thankful for you and the awesome way you care for your sweet Emmett. We think you are a #1 Mother! Happy Mother’s Day a little early!!! God bless you and your loving hubby and child(ren)! We pray for #2 as if he/she was already here! xxoo G&G


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