Emmett is 2!

Happy Birthday to my sweet, funny, smiling two year old! Oh, how you are loved by everyone who comes in contact with you. You bring joy to our family and this world and I thank God that you are in our family.

Love, Your Mama


We have a t.w.o. year old.  I think this is such a fun age despite the in and out of the terrible twos. They started about a month or so ago and Jake and I were pretty determined to nip his little attitude in the bud before we were all losing our minds. By no means am I saying we are through it, but it has eased up a bit.


Emmett’s two year molars came promptly on time (and early) as has been the typical pattern with teeth for him. Two were found in Hawaii last month and the other two came in this month. It was the first time his teeth were accompanied by a fever. Thankfully it went away quickly.

Emmett is quite the social butterfly. We “lose” track of him every Sunday morning as he mingles church better than we do. He loves to play with his little friends, his dog and being outside.  He is all boy and is constantly bumping into things. He is mesmerized by the garbage truck and can often be found playing with his blocks.


He loves to “clean” and “help” though. Vacuuming with the dust buster and feeding the dog are two of his favorites. For his birthday he got his very own vacuum.


Emmett loves to make people laugh and can easily be distracted by the attention of other people. He likes to say “yeah” to pretty much anything you ask him, but adds in different tones and inflections.

We love you buddy!!!

xo, bethany rose

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