Dealing with Food Sensitivities

Today I am sharing over at Kindred Motherhood, a motherhood collaboration I am honored to be a part of.

I’ve mentioned it here and there and if you see us on a regular basis, you might know that we have dealt with food sensitivities with Emmett for a year now.  It was a huge transition initially but now has become second nature to us.


Here is a snippet from today’s essay:

I could start a tangent here about our old pediatrician and how he suggested my son was not eating enough and to feed him butter to “fatten him up” but I will refrain. Instead I will tell you about a healthier, happier lifestyle and note that our new pediatrician resembles Dustin Hoffman.

Initially it started with gluten and then we gradually realized dairy and egg were part of the situation. My husband has some lactose intolerance issues, but aside from that there is nothing else between the two of us. We were a little surprised to hear the results of the testing, but knew there was an issue that needed resolving. I refused to accept the news for a while, I’ll be the first to admit.

To continue reading, head on over to Dealing with Food Sensitivities on Kindred Motherhood!


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