Hadley Rose: month seven

Is it really another months already!? You guys are getting a ton of blog posts this week! Be happy. Next week may not be so prosperous. 😀

hadley rose baby dress seven months

Hadley had a ROUGH month. I feel like I always say this!? I promise she gets better and has awesome days. But over Christmas vacation and traveling it was hard. She started waking up about 8 times a night at the end of it which resulted in some crazy parents and the decision to sleep train (more about this below). I am so happy to say it went well and she is sleeping amazingly well. We’ve even had the kids sleep in the same room again since and it overall went fine. However, we have not figured out how to put them to bed at the same time in the same room. We had to put Emmett down in our room first and then transfer him back.  So Hadley is back to the office. Any tips, anyone!?


I think she is teething and has been. But no teeth have come through yet, so I am really hoping they do here soon. For her sake and ours.

Some Hadley Stats

weight: I think she is probably still around that 13 lb range

height: Not sure!

diapers: size 2

clothing: She is still rockin’ her 3-6 month clothes. I am probably going to call the doctor for a weight check since her next appointment is not till 9 months. I am started to get a little concerned!


What Hadley is up to:

  • Sleeping 12 hours a night!!! We sleep trained. I am just being honest. I know some people are super against this and it is not for everyone. But you guys, I was about to lose my sanity. I also think she is a happier baby since we sleep trained because she is sleeping fully through the night with no pacifier inserts.
  • LOVES food. She eyeballs anything and everything people are eating. She has been eating pureed foods and loves everything. Even the banana seems to be OK now.
  • 75% happy and 25% cute baby monster status. This is how I describe her. She can be the happiest, chillest easy going baby and a second later (tired, I accidentally dropped mascara on her, etc.) and she is losing it. She is easily consoled though by being held so baby wearing has been helpful!
  • Loves her toys. She loves playing with her toys or really anything. A spoon has been at the top entertaining level this week. (Probably because she thinks she is getting food.)


Hadley Photo Dump:



xo, bethany rose

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  1. I love all of these pictures of her! Especially the ones where she’s wearing your old dress; how cool is that? We will most definitely be sleep training our next baby, lol! Lord help me.

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