Hadley Rose: month eight

Despite this post being much closer to nine months. I can assure you the pictures were taken closer to eight months. And that’s the part that counts the most, right!?

hadley rose turns 8 months old and was not gaining weight

Month eight was a tough month for us. Jake and I decided to bring Hadley in for  weight check, because despite her seeming fine and acting like a normal baby, she did not appear to be growing.  At the weight check we found out Hadley had lost 1.5 lbs and was completely off the charts. We were sent home with instructions to begin feeding her solid foods like crazy and supplement with breast milk (along with weekly weight checks). I guess at some point my milk production dropped and I did not know. I had a hunch about this but then would read things that contradicted it.

Of course, I felt awful and everyone rallied around us telling me not to feel guilty. Hadley devoured solid food from that day on and a week later had put on seven or so ounces. The following week another 4. The nurse and doctor were pleased and said we did not need to come in for weight checks anymore.

Hadley became a happier and easier baby. She didn’t hold a grudge 😉 I am not sure if she is back on the charts yet, but I can assure you she eats a ton each day.

Ok, ok, ok! Enough of that.

hadley rose turns 8 months old and was not gaining weight

Some Hadley Stats

weight: She was 12.8 or 12.9 at the last weight check

height: Not sure!

diapers: size 2

clothing: 3-6

hadley rose turns 8 months old and was not gaining weight

What Hadley is up to:

-Scooting. She can scoot herself backwards but still prefers to just sit and play.

Obsessions. Totally obsessed with Emmett and our dog.

-Pulling hair. She loves to pull hair and thinks it is hysterical.

-Walks. She loves going on walks outside and being outside.

Eats. bananas, avocados and sweet potatoes on the regular

Naps. She is down to 2 naps a day but goes down super easily 95% of the time. It is SUCH a blessing.

Photo Dump

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Hadley Rose: month seven

Is it really another months already!? You guys are getting a ton of blog posts this week! Be happy. Next week may not be so prosperous. 😀

hadley rose baby dress seven months

Hadley had a ROUGH month. I feel like I always say this!? I promise she gets better and has awesome days. But over Christmas vacation and traveling it was hard. She started waking up about 8 times a night at the end of it which resulted in some crazy parents and the decision to sleep train (more about this below). I am so happy to say it went well and she is sleeping amazingly well. We’ve even had the kids sleep in the same room again since and it overall went fine. However, we have not figured out how to put them to bed at the same time in the same room. We had to put Emmett down in our room first and then transfer him back.  So Hadley is back to the office. Any tips, anyone!?


I think she is teething and has been. But no teeth have come through yet, so I am really hoping they do here soon. For her sake and ours.

Some Hadley Stats

weight: I think she is probably still around that 13 lb range

height: Not sure!

diapers: size 2

clothing: She is still rockin’ her 3-6 month clothes. I am probably going to call the doctor for a weight check since her next appointment is not till 9 months. I am started to get a little concerned!


What Hadley is up to:

  • Sleeping 12 hours a night!!! We sleep trained. I am just being honest. I know some people are super against this and it is not for everyone. But you guys, I was about to lose my sanity. I also think she is a happier baby since we sleep trained because she is sleeping fully through the night with no pacifier inserts.
  • LOVES food. She eyeballs anything and everything people are eating. She has been eating pureed foods and loves everything. Even the banana seems to be OK now.
  • 75% happy and 25% cute baby monster status. This is how I describe her. She can be the happiest, chillest easy going baby and a second later (tired, I accidentally dropped mascara on her, etc.) and she is losing it. She is easily consoled though by being held so baby wearing has been helpful!
  • Loves her toys. She loves playing with her toys or really anything. A spoon has been at the top entertaining level this week. (Probably because she thinks she is getting food.)


Hadley Photo Dump:



xo, bethany rose

Hadley Rose: month six

Half a year has passed since our beautiful daughter enter this world! I am always in awe of how time passes so quickly and the fact we remain in awe of this.


This month has been good overall for Hadley. She has had some of her first bites of “food” and is not quite sure about it. She made a face at banana which made me slightly nervous. Like, what baby does not like banana?! But she seemed to enjoy banana mixed with apple and other things. I’ve chosen to only start her off with fruits and veggies and later on we will incorporate different hings in. I just want to do whatever I can right now to avoid her having any sensitivities like Emmett does/did.


She got moved back to the office in a pack n play to sleep when both kiddos got sick just before Thanksgiving.  We tried putting her back in the crib once and she was not having it…..so our office is still being taken up by a little baby!


Some Hadley Stats

weight: 13 lbs and 2 oz….she is tiny and in the 5th percentile.

height: 24.5″

diapers: size 2

clothing: She is in a mix of 0-3 and 3-6. Well…..nothing has changed……Her Christmas dress is 6-9 months but the bloomers are huge 😦


What Hadley is up to:

-she is sitting! It is so cute to watch. It happened to quickly too!

-drama llama. This is what I call her at least once a day probably. She is a typical girl through and though!

-rolling. She definitely prefers to be on her back still though and I’ll find her rolling over to be on it.

-sleeps all night, but wakes for the pacifier several times a night. HELP!?

-trying some pureed foods!

IMG_5068(what it’s really like to try and attempt these photos when your husband is working!!!)

Hadley Photo Dump:

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