Hadley Rose: months nine – eleven

Hadley Rose roundup sound okay? If we ever have a third child, you’ll probably just be lucky to see any photo, let alone an update 😀

Month 9

baby monthly update month 9

Some Hadley Stats

weight: 12.13 or so?

height: does almost 26 inches sound right?

diapers: size 2

clothing: 3-6 and a couple 9 month outfits.

monthly baby updates 9 months

What Hadley is up to:

Movement: We are going to have a late crawler again. While she can scoot herself backwards, go from sitting to lying and pivot circular, we are still waiting for a crawler!

Obsessions. She loves food and will just eat and eat and eat…..

Laughter. She basically makes herself laugh and it is so funny because it reminds me of a toddler just trying to be silly and weird and make other people laugh…and here we are at 9 months. haha.

Teeth. She got her first took on St. Patrick’s Day (which was technically 9 months and 1 day, but it is being put in here)

Month 10

baby monthly updates month 10

Some Hadley Stats

weight: 13/14 pounds

height: Not sure!

diapers: size 2

clothing: Heading towards 9 months clothes!

baby monthly updates month 10

What Hadley is up to:

Teeth. Since I am behind on this….she has three teeth total now. Not sure when they came in.

Waves. She loves to wave!

Claps. She thinks clapping is fun

Dances. You can find her bopping to music!

Month 11

baby monthly updates month 11

Some Hadley Stats

weight: 14.4! Officall the highest she has ever been

height: I need to look. Still not sure.

diapers: size 2

clothing: All 9 month finally–woo!

baby monthly updates month 11

What Hadley is up to:

Crawling: We have a crawler! She started the beginning of Mother’s Day barely going forward to ALL out by the end of the day. Yay!!

Food. She pretty much eats anything you put in front of her and loves it all.

Words. She says “mama” and I think she may have said “hi” the other day.

Sign Language.  I think she is beginning to understand the symbol for “more.”

Photo Dump

waves and lilacs

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