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drastically growing your pinterest traffic as a mom blogger

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Update: My views have gone even higher since writing this post. I ended up getting a Tailwind account and saw an even higher number of views to my blog and my monthly Pinterest views went up to 470k. With my link here you can try Tailwind for one month free!

I wanted to share my journey to driving more traffic to my blog. As the title shares, I grew my Pinterest views from 0 to over 260k views in a little over two months. While these numbers are nothing crazy or over the top, as a mom and wife I divide my time between my family and blogging. My family will always come first. I love blogging though and the course I want to share with you has helped me significantly grow Pinterest views (and comes from a mom herself)! Continue reading to learn how to explode your Pinterest views.

explode your pinterest traffic drastically with this course


My blogging back story. (Skip if you just want the numbers. I get it.)

People ask me constantly when did I start blogging. I really always wonder if people are that interested or if it is some sort of gimmick online. Either way, the answer is not a simple numerical one.  I have blogged for FOREVER. Remember Xanga? I was there. I always just blogged for ME with the hopes of some people caring about my simple life. My thought was people might enjoy what I had to say and never looked at analytics or shared my work beyond Facebook and Instagram. I thought if my blog was “good enough” people would just happen to find it. (Kind of like when you’re a kid and you think that people just “get” kids at some point in life).  I am not sure what made me realize that there was so much more, (well I suppose I do, but that’s another long windy answer). In a nutshell though, I took the dive into blogging with the hopes of more views and money the very, very end of February. So for real blogging—-probably only 3 months.

Pinterest is not dead.

Once I finally decided that I wanted to do this blogging thing for real though, I honestly did not do a ton of research. I had heard that Pinterest was where all the bloggers were and where all the traffic came from. If I actually wanted to my blog to make it past my mom and grandma’s screens, that was where I needed to be. So I did something I never do–I bought an online course from the recommendation of a new blogging friend, Jess from Just Me Growing Up. It happened to be on sale at the time with a free Pinterest audit afterward. The course was called Pinterest Ninjas. To be perfectly honest, before this I thought Pinterest had died long ago with Twitter. I was proven wrong and it turned out to be a really, really good thing.

So what in the world is Pinterest Ninjas? (Well, it is how I grew my Pinterest views from 0 to over 260k…but I am sure you already figured that one out.)

Glad you asked! Pinterest Ninjas is a Pinterest course that walks you through everything from setting up your Pinterest account to be a business one (it is free) to creating the perfect pin. It shares how to enable rich pins, claim your blog on Pinterest and join Pinterest group boards to get your content seen. Of course there is more too! It only cost me around $40 at the time (I think there was a sale, but honestly, she does a LOT of sales, so keep your eye out. Otherwise, it really isn’t that expensive and it is SO worth it if you want to head down the blog path). The course took me a couple weeks to get through but this is because I am a MOM and WIFE and as much as I want to dedicate all my free time some days to blogging, I just can’t do it. So when I share my numbers with you, please keep that in mind. This course could definitely be done in a much sooner time!

My numbers, analytics and the reason you are here and will probably buy this course.

As I just mentioned, I am first and foremost a mom and wife. I am also the editor for a digital marketing company. Therefore, my numbers and time spent on this course are probably lower than a lot of people. BUT, if you have the time to devote to Pinterest (or get Tailwind, a super easy way to SCHEDULE YOUR POSTS). I know your numbers can be higher than mine.  I can’t compare myself to people who are putting in more time and energy and making this their full-time income. With that being said, I am flipping proud of what I have done!

At the end of February I had NO views at all on Pinterest. Like I said before, I thought it had died. I bought the course the end of February and honestly did not finish it until early May probably. So basically two months. But while I was taking the course, I was beginning to put everything into action.

Pinterest numbers:

February 24th, 2018: zeros across the board.
May 13th, 2018: Over 263k monthly views and an engaged audience of 7k.

Blog numbers:

November 2017-March 2018: I averaged about 350 visitors a month and 1,000 views.

April 2018: 2,671 views and 2,034 visitors

May 2018: 3,476 views and 2,816 visitors.

Again, I don’t look at these numbers and think “Oh, wow I am amazing and every company should work with me.” I look at these numbers and think, “Wow, I have come a long way and have a long way still to go.” My family comes first. Blogging comes second. My numbers reflect that. I am still learning and I know I will get better and more efficient at this. My numbers will fluctuate and I will learn how to dedicate more effective time to this!

To Finish…

I hope this helps encourage you to take the plunge if you have been thinking about it. Yes, blogging is work, but it is fun if is the right fit for you. I really had no idea what I was doing and feel SO much more aware of what is happening and like I have control in driving traffic to my blog now. It is an amazing feeling when a pin goes viral and everyone is coming to you!!!

How do you get traffic to your blog?

drastically growing your pinterest traffic as a mom blogger

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17 Comments on “Learn how to Explode Your Pinterest Views”

  1. I will for sure be checking this out.
    I’m thankful for your blog and you sharing what all you have learned so far. It’s truly inspiring.
    I’ve been using Pinterest to grow my blog but it’s still so small. I clearly need to take the course to learn the ropes 😉😅

  2. That’s amazing progress and is definitely motivating to finally get around to taking this course. Thanks so much for sharing, Bethany!

    1. Yes! It definitely was not an overwhelming course and she breaks it up into chapter which is helpful!

      xo Bethany

  3. This is really helpful. I really want to take my blog and turn it into something which I can use to start contributing to the family income, because I love it. (And I also want to be able to focus on being a mom too) SO this was really helpful!

  4. You are rocking it, Bethany! I have GOT to start getting my Pinterest in order! I have so many pins since it’s been around for-ever, but I need to start better utilizing keywords and get it under control! This was a great post. I love watching you grow!

    1. You always inspire me and your Pinterest game is on point! It definitely takes time as I am learning!
      xo Bethany

  5. This was very helpful and encouraging to read, you have such a great outlook on blogging! I feel very similar to you. I love blogging and writing but family comes first and sometimes I feel like I am making no progress in the blog world. Thank you for a realistic and inspiring post!

    1. Aw, it can be so hard sometimes girl. But I know we will never regret the time we spent with our kiddos!

      xo Bethany

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