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  1. Yes! All my feelings! I thought exactly like you at first about pods but then I saw the unauthentic comments and no real engagements. One day it hit me when I was scrolling my feed and there was seeing posts of people I really don’t care to even be following but felt obligated. Why do I feel obligated to do so on my own account! That’s crazy!
    I’m so thankful for the relationship I’ve gained with you and some of the other ladies.

    1. Yes! Your comment hits home with me and I need to continue doing more clearing of the list of people I am following!

      xo Bethany

  2. Thanks for sharing this, these are such amazing tips I will have to put into practice because I definitely want to find authentic audience and followers

  3. You’ve echoed my feelings SO perfectly here. I joined one pod WAY back in December of last year but could NEVER participate or do anything expected of me and it felt so inorganic and forced. I left it in March this year. I don’t think anyone cared either. I know organic traffic takes time but I’m willing to live with that.
    Great post. Sharing this 🙂

    1. It definitely does take time which can be hard if blogging, being an influencer, etc is not your full-time job! Thank you for your encouragement and for sharing!! I appreciate it a lot.

  4. I’m with you on this post! I’m so over pods! I’m in some pods where the people don’t even follow you back. I really dislike telecom pods, but I rarely participate in them because they are too overwhelming. I think I’m going to follow your lead and focus on finding true followers and engage with the people I want to engage with. Thanks for this post!!

    1. It’s so hard and there seems to be a disconnect between what support really is! You have great content. You got this <3

  5. Thank you so much for this post! 💗 I was thinking about leaving all of the pods I am member but after reading this I now undersrand how time consuming are they! I now have a strategy and engage more and more with people who like my content so it won’t make such a huge difference to leave the pods! Keep being real, girl! 💗

  6. I never did join pods, and I’m so glad I didn’t! Instagram is my favorite platform for engaging and networking. My follower count isn’t growing very quickly, but I think I have pretty good engagement for a newbie! Thank you for sharing your experience. By the way, I LOVE Jenna! Also by the way, I found this post through Pinterest, so good job there 😉

    1. You are so kind! Thank you! I think a majority of people are struggling to grow these days on Instagram, so know you are in good company! It sounds like you have the right attitude and engagement is what matters!

      xo Bethany

  7. My page is currently suffering from the aftermath of joining and leaving a pod! Number of likes and engagement reduced drastically! How can i make my page to be how it used to be before i joined a pod? Really need help.

  8. Yes!!! 🙌 I’ve been like you, off and on with comment pods for a while but finding them time consuming and inauthentic. I quit them cold turkey over a year ago and everything plummeted do I quickly joined a few again. This year I had enough and quit again in January for good. I’m still working at it but my engagement rate has actually increased by quite a lot!

    I’m over things that don’t feel right to me. Only authentic 100% off the time going forward ❤️

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