Dear Husband (from your Stay-at-Home-Wife)

stay at home wife and a strong marriage

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being a stay at home mom and a stay at home wife

Dear Husband (from your Stay-at-Home-Wife),

I write this as you drive ten hours and work thirteen today. Know that I appreciate you and hope you understand the extent of that statement.

I know we made this decision together when we chose for me to stay at home. There was never an argument, only understanding and support from day one. I think it was something we both wanted equally.  I have always been thankful for the fact that we are on the same page more often than not.

to my husband from your stay at home wife and stay at home mom from featuring shirt from pink blush

You have never made me feel guilty for bringing in little to no money over the last three years.  It has only ever been me who ever felt upset or saddened as an empty box appeared in our budget line for my portion of the monthly income.  You never blinked an eye and were just grateful that I could be home.

On that note, you have never asked me to start making money even when our budget dropped so low and we knew something needed to change. Instead you went out and found ways to make more money for our little family. I never doubt warmth in our home or full cabinets of food.

You work hard to provide and still come home at the end of the day and play with the kids and help put them to bed. Neither of our days ever really end. Sometimes I feel bad, if I am being honest, when both kids nap at the same time and I just relax. I know this isn’t what happens in the middle of your day. And yet, whenever I’ve admitted this, you just say, “Good for you. You need to rest.”

to my husband from your stay at home wife and stay at home mom from featuring shirt from pink blush

I love the way our son’s face lights up when you walk through the door or call us in the middle of the day. Our daughter might not like everyone, but she sure loves you. I know they feel the same warmth and love that I do.

I know I have complained and let phrases slip from my mouth that I would like to take back.  Those are the days you have found me at my worst. Those words are never an indication of ungratefulness for what you do. It is my selfishness talking about my day. I really don’t wish these days away. Perhaps some seasons ( 😉 ) but you really have given me the best gift.

You have given me a life of learning and teaching and service. You’ve unknowingly opened up my life to so many opportunities I never knew existed or dreamed about.

And lastly, when I told you this summer I wanted to start working from home, you made sure it was the right decision and then jumped all in. When I ask you to watch the kids because I have a photo shoot or a writing deadline, you are there.

to my husband from your stay at home wife and stay at home mom from featuring shirt from pink blush

My prayer for our children is that our son becomes a father like you and our daughter knows what a true, loving man is because of your example.

So, Husband of this Stay-at-Home-Sometimes-Working-Wife-and-Mom, I love you and thank you.  You are my teammate for life.

Love, Me


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to my husband from your stay at home wife and stay at home mom from featuring shirt from pink blush

xo, bethany rose

32 Comments on “Dear Husband (from your Stay-at-Home-Wife)”

  1. From another SAHM mom, reading this made my heart so full. If only everyone could experience that type of support the world would be a better place! Good for you momma!

    – TwoGirlsandaMomma

  2. That was so touching! I’m also a SAHM and it makes a world of difference to have a compassionate and selfless partner. I’m happy for you that you’re able to go through this season of your life with such a supportive hubby! And… That is a beautiful top 😊

  3. beautiful post! i’m a sahm diving into the blogging world & do some freelance stuff here and there. it’s hard! our jobs are hard, and his job is hard. it’s great that you are a strong team! & these pictures are beautiful!

  4. Your words speak so much of what LOVE truely is. Im excited for your marriage and your family. True, healthy, robust, ever learning really God’s best gift to us and its gorgeous seeing your family RUN in it. Love you Bethany. You are a wonderous woman who has so much to offer her husband, her children and this world. Keep doing the joys and journies that your heart is inspired to do! Your hands are blessed.

    Much love, April Watkins

  5. First of all, you two are so cute! I love these pictures. Second, so. much. yes! I feel like I could have written this post myself and just kept nodding along as I read it. Isn’t it great to have great husbands? 🙂

  6. This is beautiful, honest, and so sweet. I sometimes feel that guilt when I get to rest and my husband is working so hard. But, he never complains and when the budget gets tight, he is preparing ways to work on it. I am so glad you have someone to remind you it’s good to rest too. I’m learning the art of rest currently. Thanks for sharing this post!

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