Hadley and Esotropia

esotropia and amplyopia in a child
glasses for a toddler with esotropia and ambliopia

A Lazy Eye

Back in early November I watched as Hadley’s left eye turned inward. I watched the next day and the next as it repeated itself. As much as I wanted to hope it was just a fluke, I knew deep down it wasn’t. Jake’s side of the family has eye issues and Jake developed amblyopia at the age of 5, wearing patches and contacts as a child. Ultimately though, he is legally blind in his left eye (and his dad as well). I know that probably surprises most people based off the reaction we get whenever it comes up in conversation. The truth is I often forget he is legally blind in that eye because it doesn’t affect our life whatsoever on a normal basis!


We called her doctor who immediately referred us to a pediatric ophthalmology office. We got a last minute appointment before the Christmas holidays. The appointment was long and Hadley was done with it by the end. But the doctor was able to tell us that she has esotropia and the beginning stages of amblyopia.

Children are given a number to determine just how poor their eyesight is. If your number is below a 3 you have a chance of fixing your eyes over time and not always needing glasses. He said she was well above that though and didn’t even tell us her number! He prescribed her glasses and we spent an hour picking out a color (which I think we did a pretty darned good job ;).

Benefit + Our transition

We have been praised a lot for bringing her in so early. The benefit of this is that she will not go blind. The glasses will help her and when she is older, if she doesn’t want glasses, she can wear contacts just like her mama. (Yeah, I have poor eyesight too–our poor kids; not destined to eye greatness!)I’ve been asked how I am doing handling all this and the truth is pretty okay. I am so grateful that we caught it so early. We are truly blessed that her eyes presented “lazy” at such a young and knew to take her in. She has been adjusting SO well to the glasses too and it breaks my heart that she couldn’t see well before them. I am also shocked she is keeping the glasses on!

We thank God for allowing us to SEE a problem and ADDRESS is quickly. It saved her eyes from becoming too much worse and I am so grateful to God for that!

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us… Eph. 3:20

Thank you!

Thank you for caring about our family and what is happening to our daughter! I will continue to share about our journey here and Instagram mainly. So if you aren’t following along, feel free to <3

glasses for a toddler

4 Comments on “Hadley and Esotropia”

  1. She is so cute! My husband and I both have bad eyesight and our one year old just got referred to an ophthalmologist too. Thanks for sharing your story!

  2. She looks too cute in those glasses!
    My kiddo had Esotropia also. We did glasses, patching, and a small surgery and he’s clear of it now. I’m glad you caught it early so that you can take the right route for correction 🙂

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