What’s on my Baby’s Feet | Potato Feet

My sweet little girl has teeny, tiny feet.


So tiny that even with the blessing of all the clothes from friends and family, she still didn’t even fit into the shoes gifted us! The weather outside was getting oh so much colder (someone please tell me why summer has to end in Pennsylvania?!) and I knew I needed to find some warm, comfy shoes. Because, let’s face it, socks just do not stay on babies’ feet!

Well, I find a lot scrolling Instagram and someone had posted these adorable shoes on their little one. Naturally, being in the shoe dilemma I was in, I clicked and it brought me to Potato Feet.


I was instantly hooked. Not only did they have a bunch of different styles and colors of shoes, but they had warm, snug, tiny shoes that looked perfect for Hadley.

The irony about this company though is that the owner created it because her son had bigger feet before he was ready to walk and she needed something soft and comfortable that did not have a rubber sole just yet!

(So honestly, if you’re hunting around for shoes for big OR small feet, this is your place.)


We got the Dusk Booties because I was looking for a color that was neutral and could go with pretty much any outfit (however, I was totally eyeing  the Minted Lace ones because they’re so pretty!). The booties are such a good style for smaller babies because they are soft like slippers and completely comfortable for the baby.


Also, bonus, I am not saying any shoe is “fool proof” in the falling off department, but these are pretty darn close. They fit well around her ankles with a stretchy elastic band on the top of her foot making them super easy to pull on, but then snug enough to keep on as well!

These shoes are a total winner in my book and I am so happy to have stumbled across them! Be sure to check them out and use code WELCOME to get 15% off your first order!

xo, bethany rose

Labor Day Weekend: twenty-seventeen

This summer has ended up with more road trips than we had originally planned. We planned for ONE and it turned into FOUR. I wanted to share a couple photos from our fourth and final road trip of the summer.

We went to Boston area and New Hampshire to visit from friends and family over Labor Day weekend. It’s about ten hours one way and with kids it’s about…34830 hours. Just kidding. We drove at night a lot which was great because the kids slept but also made me crazy tired (as if waking up with a newborn every night isn’t enough!).

The point of our trip was for Jake’s dad to meet Hadley. Since he had knee surgery early int he year, the drive just was not feasible for him. So we decided to take her to him! We were able to visit some of our besties as well, see other relatives, hang out by the river, have s’mores, a motorcycle ride, and try to relax!

People sometimes think you’re crazy for road-tripping with a new baby, but honestly, they’re the easiest at this age because they just look around and sleep! The hardest part is needing to feed them more often which results in more stops. So I will say that that is the frustrating part! As far as Emmett goes, we just load him up with books, toys, and snacks.

Jake and I got to go on a spontaneous date. We took a motorcycle ride to Alton Bay in New Hampshire and there happened to be an art festival going on. We walked around and got some icecream. I love having family to watch our babies ❤






Did you go on any fun trips this summer!?

xo, bethany rose