7 Surprising Tips for the 3rd Trimester

7 tips for the third trimester

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Juniper is here but I thought it would still be helpful to share some of my favorite items and things to do to HELP other mamas in their third trimester. While this post is about my experience the third time around in pregnancy, my hopes is it will help first time moms and any time moms as well! So here are 7 Surprising Tips for the 3rd Trimester 🙂

7 tips for the third trimester

  1. Transitional clothing Items: At this point in pregnancy, I cannot justify buying many more items. Especially at the very end this time when I felt like my husband’s T-shirts were going to stop working if Juniper decided to stay in any longer (thank goodness she didn’t!). But I felt myself running out of clothes so I decided to grab a couple more but ONLY if I could transition them into the 4th trimester. I grabbed these two maternity clothing pieces from Pink Blush: a flowy shirt that was bump AND nursing friendly and a maternity kimono   that I could wear afterwards and use as a discrete nursing cover.  I have found Pink Blush products to always be very well made and they last for a long time. They have great nursing items and just regular women’s clothes as well!
    7 tips for the third trimester
    7 tips for the third trimester
  2. Belly Cream and oils. Let’s talk stretch marks! I know we all try to avoid them. While I didn’t avoid them with my first pregnancy, I started using different items for my last two pregnancies. I didn’t see any new ones with Juniper and if I got them with Hadley, they were minimal. I switched to very natural based items. I used a combination of this Belly Balm from Sprigs Life and the Skin Restore essential oil from Plant Therapy. I would apply both of these after a shower as often as I could remember! The belly balm is from a new company I just found specializing in all natural ingredient items for everyone in your family. It is made of essential oils, beeswax, Vitamin E oil, cocoa butter and other wonderful things. It also has a wonderful scent. The Skin Restore oil is made of Lavender and Neroli.
  3. Exercise. I began exercising during my second pregnancy. My labor and delivery was SO good, fast and smooth with Hadley and I’d heard working out helps with this so I decided to continue again this pregnancy. Sure enough, almost an identical birthing experience this time around also. I did spin classes 2-3 times a week up until 37 weeks pregnant. It also helped keep some source of energy in general!

    7 tips for the third trimester

  4. Give yourself the rest. To follow up exercise, let me also tell you to REST. Your body knows what it needs. If you can, try to take it calm. I am saying this as a mom to 3 (so 2 of them were running wild while I was pregnant this time). But I tried to have the afternoons delegated as quiet times/nap times. I allowed the TV to be on a little more than I normally would and told Jake when I really needed a rest and he was so good about taking the kids.
  5. Gillette Venus Bikini Trimmer. I’m going to have some real GIRL TALK for a moment. In the third trimester there comes a time where you can’t see too well “down there” anymore. This trimmer was a bit of a lifesaver if you still care for some some dignity in this area. Because this trimmer has safety edges, it makes it a lot harder to cut something other than hair and made blind shaving a little more effective and less hazardous. It’s also awesome not pregnant. Just sayin’!
  6. Take a good prenatal.  I learned so much through three pregnancies. We talk a lot about folic acid but I did some research and decided I wanted a vitamin with folate. Folic acid is the synthetic version of folate which is a naturally occurring form of vitamin B9. So for my regular prenatal I ended up ordering Megafood’s Baby and Me 2. As for DHA I got Nordic Naturals which uses fish from some of the cleanest waters, is non-GMO and comes in the triglyceride molecular form (how it is found in fish naturally).
  7. A pregnancy pillow. My mother-in-law gave me the best Christmas present during my pregnancy with Hadley. It was a pregnancy pillow and I did not have one with Emmett. I used it again this time and it makes all the difference sleeping at night! This is the one I used and love and I’m a little sad it’s not in my bed right now!


And there you have it! Some of my favorite tips and items that helped me make it through those last several weeks. I find the end always the hardest (I was fortunate with good first trimesters so the last trimester has always been the most challenging for me) and so any wisdom I have gleaned I hope it helps you! What did you find the most helpful in your third trimester?

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