Christmas Countdown with Advent for Children

Christmas countdown advent for children

Christmas Countdown with Advent for Children

I’ve loved Christmas traditions for as long as I can remember. The candy cane cookies, presents opened on Christmas Eve at home and then my grandparents’ home on Christmas Day. Driving through town to see lights and all the musicals about Jesus coming to earth. Now as a mother, I find myself carrying down some traditions but also starting our own. We cut down our own tree at the same farm every year and travel long hours to be with family (added traditions).

But one thing I want to be sure I am passing down is the truth and meaning of Christmas in its entirety. That being the story of the birth of Jesus and sharing the importance of Advent. We have very young kids now and while I know they might not understand everything, I know that if we start this tradition at a young age, they will come to expect or, more importantly, anticipate it. That is why I created this Christmas countdown with Advent for children.

This year I wanted to really plan something and so with Thanksgiving falling a little earlier in November it gave me time to really focus on this the week between Thanksgiving and December (last minute is my middle name). This Christmas countdown with Advent is meant to be fun, easy and filled with biblical truths. (Follow ours along here!)

How it works:

The countdown begins on December 1st and goes through till December 25th like normal advent calendars. This one is activity based, so if you are like me and love to take advantage of the holiday season, this is for you! Listed below are 25 activities for OUR calendar. The beauty of this Christmas countdown is that you get to pick your OWN activities. My only suggestion would be to keep 4 days (Sundays) open for Advent.

  • Activities are randomized and you pick which one (with the exception of Advent on Sundays) for which day it works in your schedule. For our family I chose some activities that are more of a time commitment (i.e. seeing the train shoe), others that are easy and quick to do for the days where you can’t commit much time (i.e. reading a Christmas book) and some that are happening based on schedules (open presents at Nana’s on the 24th). I tried to think strategically and logically. We just cannot bake cookies everyday!
  • Advent Sundays: Perhaps next year I will make a separate piece for this, but for right now our family will be reading through the Christmas story on Sundays (we will continue reading the Bible every night as part of our kids’ bedtime routine) and using our Nativity scene to help our kids visualize the story. Jake and I might incorporate the candles on a high off shelf 😉
  • We created our own large poster with a large calendar and the list of activities on the side so our kids (mainly our 3.5 year old) can see what we are doing everyday and even help pick activities. Once the activity is done or scheduled we will put it on our calendar.

Christmas countdown for Advent with children

Our Activity list:

  1. Advent 1 (week 1: hope/promise)
  2. Advent 2 (week 2: preparation/waiting)
  3. Advent 3 (week 3: joy/peace)
  4. Advent 4 (week 4: love)
  5. Wrap presents
  6. Watch Rudolph
  7. Watch Elf.
  8. Watch Frosty
  9. Local train display
  10. Bake Christmas cookies
  11. Go look at lights in neighborhood
  12. Read a Christmas book
  13. Read a Christmas book
  14. Read a Christmas book
  15. Open Christmas PJs.
  16. Open presents at home
  17. Open presents at Nana’s
  18. Milkshakes at Steak n Shake
  19. Memorize a verse from the Christmas story
  20. Drink hot chocolate.
  21. Make a paper chain counter
  22. Sing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus
  23. Gingerbread house
  24. Make Christmas popcorn
  25. Snow activity

Sample Calendar

Christmas countdown for Advent with children

If you are not the artsy poster board type, you can easily download a blank calendar and write in the activity each day. Be sure to follow our Countdown journey this December!

Hopefully our list gave you some ideas! I would love to hear if you use this idea and what activities you put on yours!

Christmas countdown for Advent with children

Christmas countdown for Advent with children

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