Best Ways to Enjoy New Hampshire Fall with Family

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Ever since moving away from our families we have tried to take trips to see them during the holiday season but also outside of it. This year we picked the middle of October to visit Jake’s side of the family in New Hampshire so that we could see the foliage. It is actually a very inexpensive time to fly there so we bought tickets and planned our trip. (P.S. Need flying tips with kiddos? I’ve got you covered here!)

We, of course, have the added bonus on these trips of built-in babysitters and Jake and I took advantage of this and did a drive on the Kankamangus Highway. However, we did it on a Sunday which was silly because the traffic was bumper to bumper. Don’t go on a weekend in the fall! Most of our travel was with the kids though, so I wanted to share some our best ways to enjoy New Hampshire fall with family.

Best Ways to Enjoy New Hampshire Fall with Family

new hampshire trip with family

1.Treat yourself to New England treats! If you know anything about New England, one of the things they are known for is their maple syrup and apple cider treats. We stopped over at two shops for apple cider doughnuts. Our favorite throughout the years has been the Chichester Country Store, but then we learned the #1 voted apple cider doughnut was also nearby at Meadow Ledge. Sadly, they were cleaning the machines the day we stopped to get some, so I can’t attest to its greatness. But if you stop by, be sure and let me know!
2. Find family friendly activities EVERYONE enjoys. There is a lot to do during New Hampshire fall and everyone’s family is different. You can visit shops, take drives, go hiking, pick  pumpkins etc. We took a fall foliage train ride around part of Lake Winnipesaukee.
Jake and me: beautiful view and a relaxing time.
Emmett: obsessed with trains.
Hadley: obsessed with the coffee cups and creamers on each table.
See? Win for all of us 🙂

3. Have proper footwear.  If you’ve ever been to New England you know that you can expect dirt roads and hikes galore. We got Emmett these Hush Puppies Paw-FlexTM shoes and they are amazing. He had so much fun running on the dirt paths and beaches in New Hampshire in them. We didn’t end up going on a hike, but I know if we had these shoes would have provided enough support for him. (Head over to this post to read an in-depth review on them). Bonus: The Paw-FlexTM shoes are super easy on, easy off for taking them off during airplane rides, car rides etc. while traveling.
4.Don’t be afraid to explore. New Hampshire’s slogan is “Live Free or Die.” My husband tells me so many fun stories of him growing up and the crazy things he did. From bonfires and swimming holes to back roads and snowboarding trips, New Hampshire provides a broad array of things to do…but you might not always know where to find them. My suggestion is to ask around with the locals and to start driving down some dirt roads. And don’t forget your proper foot wear here either. Like I mentioned in #3,  the Hush Puppies shoes are a great choice!

hew hampshire in the fall on a family trip

5. Remember your warm clothes! I know you might be thinking, Well, of course, Bethany. Who goes to New England in shorts in October?  Ok, so even though I looked at the forecast before I packed, I kind of forgot just how cold 50 degree (F) weather can be for little kids and wish I had brought them some gloves and hats. Obviously we were all fine, but I figured I would throw this in here, especially if you’re reading this from out of country and aren’t sure what the weather is like here. New Hampshire fall is cold. The people in New Hampshire might not tell you that though because they think 50 degrees (F) is warm 😉


Have you experienced a New Hampshire fall? What was your favorite part about it?

hew hampshire in the fall on a family trip

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