Honest Review of Hush Puppies Paw-FlexTM Shoes

hush puppies paw-flex shoes

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If you have followed me for a little while now, you know that we were challenged and strengthened early on in Emmett’s life. By God’s grace he is thriving today, but those early months shook us a little as new parents. Emmett was labeled with hypotonia which is a fancy word for low muscle tone at the age of 11 months. He needed physical therapy to help him learn to not only walk but crawl too.  His first steps were on August 23rd at 16 months of age.

Hush Puppies Paw-Flex Shoes Review

Today he walks and plays with children his age, and aside from a little bit of extra clumsiness, you’d never know what we experienced.  So when I get to share about a shoe company for my son, it is a huge blessing. Emmett has been running around in his new Hush Puppies shoes that have a new paw-flexTM technology. Here is my honest review of Hush Puppies Paw-FlexTM shoes.

Honest Review of Hush Puppies Paw-FlexTM Shoes

Honest Review of Hush Puppies Paw-Flex Shoes

Hush Puppies recently introduced a new line of shoes for toddlers called Paw-FlexTM. Its technology helps children master walking or continue and expound upon their gross motor skills while providing flexibility and stability. The bottom of the shoes have a paw print (and we have the blue ones), so we tell Emmett they are his Chase Paw Patrol shoes which he thinks is pretty great!

Paw-FlexTM Collection Features

-a signature Paw-GripTM bottom that enables ground contact for traction.
-a memory foam footbed that has a contoured pup-cup heel, ensuring continued comfort.
-each shoe in the collection has a hook and loop closure for easy on, stay on.

Hush Puppies Paw-Flex Shoes Review

I can honestly say these are some of the easiest shoes to put on Emmett. We have another pair of shoes for him that are constantly a struggle to put on and I breathed a sigh of relief when these came in the mail! As a mom who also enjoys styling her children’s wardrobe, I love these shoes for their look. An added bonus is the color because it goes with most of his outfits. (Can you tell what my favorite color is!?) Emmett has no problem running and playing in his shoes and climbed up a rock wall in them. These shoes are available in multiple styles in sizes 4-10 and can be found at retailers as well as online at www.hushpuppies.com/kids.

Hush Puppies Paw-Flex Shoes Review

Did you grow up with Hush Puppies shoes? Let me know below! I hope you enjoyed my review of Hush Puppies Paw-FlexTM. I truly love these shoes and hope Emmett continues to grow up with this brand.



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