Hadley Rose: month one

Our little miss Hadley turned one month on Sunday! As I type this she is snoozin’ in the boppy and Emmett is across the hall napping. Thankfully this is not a rare occurrence and they’ve both been napping at the same time. Thank you newborn sleep cycles. It is in these moments where I really need to determine what needs to be done. This is probably why this post is three days late šŸ˜€

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Hadley has been a pretty chill baby. She definitely has her moments (just ask our small group from last night) and has a tendency to go from 0-100 in a split second. Thankfully this does not happen often. But when it does, be prepared! She also settles from 100-0 in a split second.

Emmett is completely smitten with her and it is the most adorable thing. His face just lights up around her and he loves to kiss her, help burp her, change her diaper and look at her. He has gotten a little upset when he wants Jake or my and we are busy with the baby, but his frustration is never directed towards her which I am grateful for.

Hadley has done several six hour sleeping spells but then keeps us guessing by doing 1-3 hours the following night. This week I have REALLY been trying to nail down an “eat,wake,sleep” cycle which has been helping at night so far and making life more predictable in general.

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Some Hadley stats

weight: 9 pounds 6 ounces as of TODAY. That is almost 3 pounds in 4.5 weeks! Go girlie!

height: 20.5″

diapers: we used up the last of the newborn today and started size one. Looks a little big, but I think it will do the trick!

clothing: we are 98% into 0-3 month clothes. However, some of them are too big but the newborn is too small!

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Some Hadley traits

chest sleeper:Ā This girl’sĀ favoriteĀ place to be is tucked up under someone’s chin in the little fetal position. SO ADORABLE.

blue eyes:Ā My eyes were brown from day 1 and Emmett’s were or pretty close to it. This girl is still rockin’ the blue eyes. I am anxious to see if they stay or turn!

calm baby:Ā Like i said earlier, she really is pretty calm and chill. She definitely has some bad days though, but I have come to learn that those days leave thankfully and I don’t need to be worried that she is changing personalities on me.

swaddled:Ā We have another baby who LOVES to be swaddled. I’ll be posting soon about out favorite swaddles!

spitter-upper: *sigh* I have no idea how she gained 3 pounds with how much this girl spits up. At first I was worried and googling but apparently it is normal and not reflux. The doctor confirmed this at her 1 month appointment today as well. We are going through burp clothes and clothes like there is no tomorrow. We put a load of laundry in probably every other day. Ā I end up in multiple outfits some days as well.

Hadley Photo Dump

xo, bethany rose

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