Hadley Rose: month two

TWO MONTHS OLD! This little chick makes visible leaps and bounds even to Jake and me. She is still totally my newborn but a very alert one!

Hadley started really smiling last week and loves to do it. Her one eye starts to close a bit giving us a full faced smile. I just melt! I think she is starting to coo and talk a bit to us. We got her a swing *win!!!* after a weekend with friends who had borrowed one for us. She napped SO well in it and we came home and got ourselves one for $15 from a FSOT page. Our tiny little travel one just did not cut it for her like it did Emmett.

IMG_5106 (2)

Hadley is usually a little angel all day long and then the 7:00 hour hits and nothing calms her until she falls asleep for the night. Yeah, well, the swing. The swing nixed that witching hour and I am hoping it continues! Don’t worry, she does not sleep at night in the swing!

Sleep…sleep….dear evasive sleep…two nights ago was amazing. She nursed around 10, fell asleep around 11 and slept till 6am! Usually she insists on being put to sleep at 7, but that night was small group so we were all up late and that just was not happening. And by some miracle, we all slept through the night. *hands to the sky*

IMG_5112 (2)

[bow from Lou Lou + Company]

We have had some rough nights where even Jake is up with the baby because I just can’t function sometimes. We have basically made a truce that whatever we say in the middle of the night from our sleep deprived mouths cannot be counted against us the following morning. It’s working quite well. 😉

Hadley is strong. She is holding her head up quite well and can move it from side to side during tummy time. We joke that all of the muscle tone Emmett left in my belly, Hadley took with her. I am guessing an early crawler and walker this time around, but we will see.

IMG_5105 (2)

Some Hadley stats

weight:  11 pounds 11 ounces

height: 21.5 inches (!?)

diapers: She was in 1’s and then we found a huge box of unopened newborn diapers in the bottom of the closet. Needless to say, we have been squeezing her into those and will be done with them in another couple days.

clothing: All 0-3!

IMG_5077 (3).JPG

What Hadley is up to

-being alert

-being finicky with sleep. Sometimes 5 hour stretches. Sometimes 9. 

-smiling!!! Especially at Emmett

-lifting her head up and moving it side to side. Sitting kind of on me with her head up. 

Hadley Photo Dump

xo, bethany rose

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