3 Natural Solutions for Postpartum Hair Loss

postpartum hair loss remedies and treatments from waves and lilacs

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Postpartum hair loss is real and can feel like it is lasting entirely too long! Here are some tips to help regenerate and strengthen your hair naturally!

Ok, I just need to be real with you all for a second.

I think my baby is the cutest thing. She (sometimes) smells like roses and sunshine and when she is sleeping it is the most peaceful thing ever. I love when my son holds her and looks at me with his humongous, all-cheeks, proud smile.

postpartum hair loss treatments

What I don’t love are the things that happen to me postpartum. Everyone knows those first few weeks after having a baby include bleeding, ouchies, a stomach that no amount of pizza can fix and you may as well start dragging around a water fountain if you plan to nurse.

But when all of that is said and done and you think life is on the uphill…your hair starts falling out.

Say whaaat?!

Those prenatals that gave you those glorious locks just aren’t doing the tricks anymore. Instead your estrogen level drops taking a ton of hair along with it.  Cue postpartum hair loss. When I had Emmett this happened and I took some biotin and eventually my hair was back to normal. This time though it feels like it is rougher. The amount of hair that I can lose is intense. 

I became slightly desperate to help my hair and put to rest the balding spots (they were for real happening). I wanted to do this naturally for my hair and not harm it in any way. In my “quest for knowledge (and to defeat this dragon of a problem)” I came across three resources that I wanted to share.

3 Natural Solutions for Postpartum Hair Loss


postpartum hair loss remedies and treatments from waves and lilacs

1.Biotin. I mentioned earlier that I started taking this after giving birth to Emmett. I decided to do so again because I think it may have helped the hair loss stop a little sooner. If you decide to take Biotin, know that it is measured in micrograms. You can take a tablet anywhere from around 30 mcg to 10,000 (not sure if it goes higher). If you do a quick google search you will hear different arguments for how much should be taken while breastfeeding. I don’t want to sway anyone in a certain direction, so I will just encourage you to do your own research there.
2. Collagen Peptides. If you follow me on instagram you may have seen my post earlier this week about Vital Proteins. Collagen is an extremely beneficial and natural protein. It helps strengthen hair, nails, bones and even helps your skin. You can read all the science and awesomeness of it here. As for me, I’ve been taking collagen peptides in my smoothies 1 or 2 times a day. You honestly cannot taste them in there. There are flavored kinds though such as Beauty Water (I like the Lavender Lemon one!) and coffee creamers. Side note: Collagen is an amazing thing to take even if you are not suffering from postpartum hair loss.
3. Essential Oil Spray. I wish I could give the person who came up with this credit, but I ran across it on instagram I think! Anyways, I took a tiny spray bottle, filled it with water and added 10 drops of the following: lavender, rosemary and cedarwood. I will say that some websites say don’t let lavender near your babies. I feel comfortable using this spray though because I literally spray maybe 3 squirts in the morning and at night directly to my scalp. It is do diluted that, for me personally, I am not concerned.

Ok, so you obviously want to know if this all worked, right? Well, it did. it did not all work immediately. It took a little bit of time. But in a couple of weeks my balding spots were already starting to fill in and this week less hair was falling out of my head in the shower!

postpartum hair loss remedies and treatments from waves and lilacs

Which of the 3 worked best?

Well, I am not sure which worked BEST but I will say they all worked GREAT together. I used all 3 simultaneously because I was a bit desperate.

Did enough time pass that your hair just stopped falling out on its own?

It is definitely a possibility.  But I also know I had nothing to lose taking these three things. If anything, the collagen and biotin helped also make my nails strong and my skin smoother (less breakouts, people!!!). The essential oil spray is making my hair smell lovely and lavender is calming (which y’all, I need with 2 kids 2 and under!)

Have you dealt with postpartum hair loss? What helped you the most? Do you have anything to add to this list?

xo, bethany rose

20 Comments on “3 Natural Solutions for Postpartum Hair Loss”

  1. Oh yes, it is such a real thing. My ponytail diameter dropped to nearly half after my last baby (9 years ago)…good thing I have THICK hair! It was disheartening. Wish I had more resources at the time.

  2. It is so true – the second trimester helps your hair look so good and then it all starts to just fall out! These are all good tips – and I really appreciate your honesty here on just trying it all. Glad you’re noticing a difference!

  3. Good tips! I didn’t notice any hair loss after I had my son, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t happen. I used to take biotin all the time to grow out my hair. I’m thinking that I should try it out again. Thanks for sharing!

  4. thank you for sharing. It is one of those harsh realities that no one talks about until it is happening to them and you want to yell at your girlfriends for not telling you this before. I’m going to have to look into a vital collagen

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