5 Ideas for Valentine’s Day as Parents

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It has come to my attention that children take up quite a bit of their parents’ time.
(That’s meant to be read humorously 😉 )

If you are a parent you learned this from the day your pregnancy stick turned pink on both lines.

What has also come to my attention is that parents often times forget the importance of spending time with each other alone or doing something for the other. This is a huge passion of mine and if you’ve known me for any length of time, you know how important my husband is to me and that we strive to do things together. If your marriage is put first and worked on, your children thrive because of it.

So let’s talk about Valentine’s Day.  What are some things you can do  TOGETHER or for EACH OTHER?  I teamed up with a couple of my favorite bloggers and gift company to give you 5 ideas for making this day special!

five ideas for valentine's day as parents

  1. Give the kids the day, you and your spouse the night. Alternatively, give the kids the evening if you and your husband work during the day and you and your husband the night. I know mom guilt can be real and it is so fun to spend these holidays with our kids. So do that! If you are home all day with your kids, celebrate with them. When dad gets home, give him valentines from the kids and maybe special cookies that your kids made. If you all are getting home at dinner time, maybe make a special valentine dinner for your family (but don’t eat too much…see number 2) and then put the kids to bed a little early.  It might mean they wake up a little earlier February 15th, but it will also mean you get a longer stretch with your husband and I think that’s worth it.
  2. Plan a special meal. If you have the option to go out, go for it! But that does not have to happen. My husband and I have since started a tradition of getting sushi take-out style. We feed Emmett ahead of time and wait to eat alone. Really, when was the last time you ate and did not have to say “pick up your fork,” “No, that does not go in your mouth” or didn’t speed eat because the baby needed to be nursed? It truly is a wonderful thing.
  3. Get a special gift.  I don’t think presents are overrated on Valentine’s Day. My love language is gifts (giving and receiving) and when I find the perfect gift (which guys, I’m not gonna brag, but I am a pretty awesome gift giver) I get SO excited. It took everything inside me to not tell my husband about this gift. This year I got Jake a star constellation map from Under Lucky Stars. This website lets you pick the date, time, and location of your choosing and then sends you a poster of the constellations from those specifications. How cool is that!? I picked our wedding day and the time our ceremony began.  It turned out SO beautiful and was such a fun surprise to give.
    (Under Lucky Stars is so amazing that I have a code to share with you guys for $10 off your purchase. code:  WAVESANDLILACS_STARS)IMG_7876

4. Surprise your spouse at work. “Surprise your spouse with coffee at work,” says Tori from Raising Our Stakes. This is a GREAT way of showing your love for your spouse in front of your children while involving them as well.

5. Recreate a (pre-kids) date night. “Recreate one of your dates pre-baby/kids…it brings up memories and conversations and you feel all the butterflies again,” says Bethany  from La Vida Vera I am sure from all the weeks to years of dating your significant other, you have a couple favorite dates that stand out. (You probably also had a lot more time to plan them before having kids!) Surprise your spouse and take a walk down memory lane.

xo, bethany rose

16 Comments on “5 Ideas for Valentine’s Day as Parents”

  1. Love it knowing our granddaughter loves her hubby like we love one another. Yes, even now, w/my sweetie living in Heaven, we are still loving one another believe it or not. Sounds like Valentine’s Day has passed? Did you celebrate it early?

  2. I love this! We also try to keep our marriage up high on our priority list! We actually will be celebrating Valentines Day as a couple on the 15th since that is date night for us anyway, and we have a Valentine’s baby who will be celebrating his 1st birthday on the 14th!

  3. Love these ideas! Being intentional about loving your spouse post-kids definitely takes more intention. It’s so easy to go into parent mode (cruise control) and forget your spouse is #1! Feeling inspired to do something sweet for my hubs- xo

  4. All of these ideas are super helpful! I’m not married yet with kids yet, so I suppose that makes V-day a bit easier for my boyfriend and I.

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