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Happy Birthday to me (2.16.18).

I had no idea where to begin this post. I have never been excited about the idea of turning 30. It sounded old. Aren’t the 20’s what everyone talks about? My 20’s meant living abroad, graduating college, meeting my husband, marrying him, having two children and traveling to Asia, Europe and the Caribbean. Jake and I moved around and made friends all over the world. We bought our first home, hosted our first major holiday and went to any concert that pleased us. We lived in a cottage on a lake because we could. We went cliff jumping, kayaking and did a couple mud runs. It was everything it should be.


But I think that’s missing the point. While those are highlights of my life no one can ever take from me, it is missing all the parts that made them highlights:

Those all-nighters during college while working part-time, taking classes and student teaching. Living in another country by myself and missing my family. Long distance relationship for nine months and lots and lots of driving to see each other. Sleepless nights from babies. The endings and beginnings of friendships and relationships. Experiencing death. The uprooting several times from churches and homes as we pursued jobs and dreams. Nights of prayer as we came up to the decisions of children, missions and ministry.


It is not that I think my 30’s will be perfect or not contain highlights. It will just be a different decade and season of my life. I’ll become the mother of middle schoolers, Jake and I will enter into a different “decade” of marriage. Topics of conversation will turn from “where do we birth this child?” to “where do I send this child to school?” We may revisit those other conversations of adoption and overseas missions and it may finally, really be time for them.

I suppose what I am getting at ultimately is that maybe I should be excited. Maybe this will be the best decade of my life. And maybe I will keep saying that about every new decade I enter 😀


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xo, bethany rose

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