Juniper Jane: months 1-3

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Having three kids has forced me to be a little more creative with my monthly updates. I decided to combine them and give them out every quarter of Juniper’s life! Makes things a littler easier for me and possibly you to read 🙂 I wrote them as letters to Junie for her to read one day. They are short and simple because such is life lately <3

Month 1

Month 1:  Today you are one month old. For the last 4 weeks of your life we have had all different people living with us and helping us become acquainted with you. You are a snuggler and always want to be lying on our chests snuggled up as close and under our chins as humanly possible. Almost choking me at times–but really, it is adorable.  You weigh 9 lbs 7 oz and are 21 inches long. You scream in the car almost all the time and oftentimes cannot be calmed. Everyone loves and adores you. You sleep in bed with us almost all the time because you don’t want to be away from us. You get up about 2-3 times a night and eat every 2-3 hours. You love being worn in the solly baby wrap and fall asleep oftentimes immediately. You went on your first pumpkin picking and apple picking adventures! We love you, baby girl. clothes size: newborn diaper size: newborn


Month 2

Month 2: This was our first month on our own with you. It has had its challenges and its wonderful days. This was a transitioning month, especially for me. We struggle with getting you to sleep at night outside of our bed and you are making your dad and I pro co-sleepers. Waking up next to you is adorable as your chubby cheeks lay on my arm and you are literally the most peaceful thing I have laid eyes on since your siblings naps liked that. I can tell you have a sweet disposition. You nap well during the day and do so on your own typically on the couch. Your siblings just adore you! At your 2 month appointment you were 10 lbs 12 oz and 22 inches long (I think!) You smiled for the first time on November 1! clothes size: 0-3 diaper size: 1 You are amazing, Junie <3

Month 3

Month 3: We thought you were a serious baby because it was so hard to get you to smile but this month you proved that wrong and have erupted into smiles! I love it and it literally makes my day! Your sister screams your name in the mornings so excited to see you and Emmett has mastered his “mom voice” when he talks to you and cares for you. You are settling into a more predictable routine and love to take long naps which I am SO thankful for. You celebrated your first Thanksgiving AND first car ride which we all were unsure of as to what would happen. I sat next to you and by some MIRACLE you barely cried, let alone screamed the whole 7 hour trip there (only 40 minutes which was a WIN). You actually slept IN the car! And ever since then you have been SO much better in it. Instead of screaming 75% of the time, I think we have brought it down to 20%. It truly is amazing. Today we started you in your 3-6 months clothes and I am sad. I just want you small forever. You are still in size 1 diapers. We started gentle sleep training with you because your dad and I needed our bed back. Sleeping in the same position all night was hurting my back and we felt you needed to learn to sleep in your bassinet. It has been amazing and you still wake a little throughout the night for the paci but basically sleep from 8:30 to morning (varying from 4-7). You still often end up in bed with us around 4 am but that’s okay in my book. We love you, Junie pie!


3 Comments on “Juniper Jane: months 1-3”

  1. How precious, Bethany. She is SO ADORABLE (just like the other two). We can’t wait to enjoy her personality a little more. I think she looks like a cross between Emmett and Hadley. We’ll see how she looks a little older.

  2. Our 3 treasures bless us w/still more of the joy of our Lord. I praise Him for the incredible gift of my great grands, and I praise Him they are being raised by Godly parents!

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