Raising a Family and the Halftime Show

halftime show 2020 and christianity

(As with any controversial post, I toss and turn and excuse having to write it. Haven’t enough people given their opinions already on Shakira’s hips and J-Lo’s attire? I’m sure and then some. But the most convicting thing for me is that I have a platform God has given me and I think by ignoring this (for me personally and my convictions) I am not using my voice the way I am supposed to. (Please keep in mind this is written as a Christian mother and wife.)

On Superbowl Sunday my family didn’t watch the Superbowl. While everyone else was partying and shouting for their team, we were ignoring it eating at Red Robin because we are not a football family. But by the time I got home and hopped on social media, every post I saw was about the halftime show. So while my family was in bed my curiosity got the best of me and a quick google search brought the show up. And there I watched grateful I was alone.

Now hear me out, I have had an issue with the halftime show in years past. There have been things about both men and women on that stage that have been disturbing. So why is this year something different? Because apparently everyone is finally catching on that this halftime show is not entertainment that we actually WANTED to see.  Other than this show not being family friendly, I have multiple issues with it and to address them all, I needed space aka this post.

2020 halftime show and christianity

The Halftime Show…

  1. …was not family friendly: As a Christian family, raising my children with godly principles, watching men and women on stage gyrate goes against a lot of scripture found in the Bible (1 Thessalonians 4:3-5).My son is only 4 but I cannot begin to imagine having to deal with that when he is older. My husband didn’t even ask what happened in the show and do I really want him watching other women dancing like that? Is there a reason
    he should have to if he has chosen to stay away from things like that as a Christian man and husband?

  2. …was not what women empowerment should be.  I realize the world’s view and standards of women empowerment looks MUCH different than mine do as a Christian woman. I’m still not certain how women flaunting their bodies on stage and pole dancing in front of millions of viewers is supposed to help ME feel like I am more empowered. Instead it made me sad that this is where our world is going and fighting for. Shouldn’t empowerment be about confidently finding our identity in Jesus (1 Peter 2:9)? Can’t we be empowered as Christians by the saving grace of Jesus Christ? Christians, we are called to be IN the world but not OF it and this here is a prime example.
  3. did not teach my daughters life goals.   I do not want my daughters to think that J-Lo and Shakira are life goals. I don’t want them to think that they need to find their worth by men oogling over them. I do not want my daughters to think that is socially acceptable and NORMAL to dance and go crowd surfing while people touch their bottoms. I want my daughters to focus on biblical attributes of grateful hearts (Eph, 5:20), a good name (Prov. 22:1), and caring for their husbands some day (Prov. 31:12) (AND allowing a man to care for them the way Christ loves the church Eph. 5:25)
  4. …shouldn’t be excused by the term “culture.” I understand that these are Latin women and in Latin cultures this type of dancing might be more normal.  But just because it is culturally acceptable there does not mean it has to be culturally acceptable for my family. It does not make it right for us. Just because a culture does things differently doesn’t make it OK. We’re so quick to say, well that’s how they grew up and what they were taught. But that’s not how I grew up and that’s not how I was taught.
  5. ...is the biggest human trafficking event of the year. Hear me out: I am NOT blaming J-Lo or Shakira for this. I’ve seen that written one too many times. What I AM saying is that that LITERALLY means that men who came to the Superbowl to sell children and women and men during it were also watching this show. These men have perverted minds and I can promise you they were not shielding their eyes from the hafltime show trying to keep it in their pants. It was whetting their appetite.  (Prov. 6:12-15)
  6. …is for the world. As Christians we are called to be IN the world and not OF the world.  You cannot as a Christian expect non-Christians to have a problem with this or hold them to biblical standards. The halftime show WAS entertainment. It was a carefully crafted and practiced entertaining show. It brought money. It brought loads of viewers and eyes.  It is our choice as a Christian how we deal with things like this in our lives. (John 17:16)

2020 halftime show and Christianity

4 Comments on “Raising a Family and the Halftime Show”

  1. I am incredibly thankful that God has blessed me with a granddaughter who strives to walk w/Jesus Christ as her Shepherd. I am thankful for the role model my greatgrands have in their formative years. I am thankful Bethany has expressed her reaction to the halftime show with Biblical truths. I am thankful mega morally conservative spokespersons have expressed these same opinions/truths. I am thankful I stand unashamedly with them. I am thankful.

  2. Absolutely agree with all of the above! Definitely not the mass entertainment Christian families should participate in! Glad we weren’t watching anyway either.

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